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Building Players’ Trust in the Canadian Gambling Market

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Charlotte Fitzgerald, editor in chief at, joins us in discussing the challenges the Canadian gambling industry faces today. She tells here of how she and her team managed to turn a negative tide into a win-win situation by building and maintaining trust with their audience. You can follow Charlotte by clicking here.

Trust is the only true currency. That is how the saying goes. Another saying is, “Trust is rare to find, hard to keep, and easy to lose.” In a casino business, trust is particularly important. As a casino operator, you should ask yourself, “How do I keep my players’ trust?”

It is difficult for players to trust an average casino these days. This is because casinos have proven through their actions that they are out to rip off players’ deposits. The movie industry has not helped, with the way it paints casinos in a bad light. All of these negative influences mean that you will have to do more than enough if you want to win players’ trust. You will have to demonstrate to players that you only want to make honest profits, not rip off their money.

In this article, we discuss ways you can use to win your players over. This is important as your players hold one of the keys to your success. Customer marketing is more reliable than any other form of marketing. Knowing that your players are important, here are some ways to win and build players’ trust in the Canadian gambling market.

Reputation Is the Key to Success in the Canadian Gambling Market

Because casinos in the gambling markets in Canada and elsewhere are suspect in players’ eyes, you should focus on building and maintaining a good reputation for your online casino. Your reputation is what differentiates you from others. It is that factor that determines how players see you and what they tell people about you. No matter how much effort and resources you put into marketing and public relations, they will never redeem a bad reputation.

Now that you know this, it should serve as the motivation behind all your actions. You should have this in mind when setting up your payment system, and also when selecting the software or games that will feature in your online casino business. Also consider the reputation you want when setting up the rules for playing the various games at your online casino.

None of this means, of course, that you should run a charity under the guise of an online casino. The goal is for you to build a reputation as an online casino that makes honest and fair profits, not one that steals people’s money.

Expertise and Transparency Are Important to Your Casino’s Reputation

How do you go about gathering a good reputation for your Canadian gambling establishment? How do you prove to your customers that you are not out to steal their money? It may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. One way to do this is through your actions. One major line of action you should take is to hire experts at playing their part in running an online casino. Let them bring their expertise to your online casino business. Hire the right IT personnel who will give you the best advice on the type of software to use.

Running an online casino goes beyond IT. You need the proper legal aid to ensure you are working within the requirements of the law. You also need a casino expert alongside your legal advisors to guide you on the formation of house rules. Ensuring that you are incorporating the most suitable payment gateways such as PayPal for your players should be part of your focus. Also, you need to make sure that you are using the right games for your casinos. When it comes to games, it is best you start with the most popular ones.


When you have all the features above in place, it is in your best interest to operate in the most transparent manner. Avoid hidden clauses as players will read wrong meanings into them. State your rules in simple language, and address your clients like the real casino players they are and not lawyers.

Keep Players’ Well-Being a Priority

There are many positive statistics about land-based and online gambling in Canada. One such is the large amount of revenue it amasses and pays to the government. Another has to do with the people it employs and how it helps in the growth of other industries. However, some other statistics can be disturbing. These are the ones the gambling industry often downplays.

One of these statistics is that most of the revenue from gambling in Canada is generated from people who are addicted to gambling. However, only about 18 percent of the gambling populace are addicted to gambling. Research also shows that more women engaged in gambling during the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Teenagers are also more likely to become addicted to gambling, according to one study.

As a casino owner or operator, it’s obvious you would like to make profits. However, the aim should be making honest profits. One way to ensure safe gambling is by restricting gambling only to individuals who are older than 21 years of age. You should also put out disclaimers to warn your players. Even cigarette companies state that “smokers are liable to die young.” And alcohol companies say, “Drink responsibly,” after every advertisement.

The reason for the emphasis on player mental health is because of the dangers of gambling addiction. Addicts often tell of certain extreme behaviors that allowed them to sustain their compulsive gambling behaviors. Some of them sold valuable properties, others stole money, and some did unthinkable things just to raise money for gambling. Gambling addiction is no different from drug addiction, and serious actions should be taken in order to minimize its effects.

Honest Canadian Gambling Sites Are Thriving

We have been talking about online casinos or gambling sites that are out to make honest profits and not rip people off. We have also listed some criteria which are not impossible to meet. Some casinos are already setting the right example. You can find them It’s a Canadian online casino comparison website that gives you accurate and substantive information about gambling at online casinos.

One other thing about is that it will call out any online casino that does not abide by the rules.

Gambling in Canada is far ahead of most other places, including the US and Europe. The Kahnawake only legalizes casinos that operate on government websites. Moreover, only casinos that meet strict player-friendly criteria can operate on government websites. This is essential for player protection.