earn money as a student

Earn Money While You Learn: Student Entrepreneurs

If you’re a student, you probably know how tight money can get during classes. Even if you have a scholarship or trust fund you can use for your actual school expenses, those typically don’t cover “fun” expenses. That means things like eating out, going to concerts, attending events, and anything else that gives you a chance to kick back and relax. How can you earn additional spending money when you still have to maintain a school schedule?

Try these self-employment mini-business options.

Start A Housesitting Business

Especially if you live in a city with many individually-owned homes, you might be able to find a significant amount of income from housesitting. There are plenty of freelance housesitting websites available online, so consider trying some of those sites to see whether there are housesitting jobs in your area. Housesitting may require anything from just a 10-15 minute visit every day to living in the home for a few days.

Earn Money Blogging

This is a convenient option for many people because it’s easy to do on any schedule. As long as you can carve out an hour or two every couple days to write a blog post, you can start a blog and keep it updated pretty regularly. Then, earn money by selling advertising space or subscriptions.


Just brainstorm a topic that you’ll love writing about. People will appreciate the fact that you actually care about your topic, and you’ll get more readers.

There’s Money in Selling Used Clothes

More than likely, you have gently used clothes in your closet that you’re not really wearing anymore. Instead of just letting them stay in your closet and hoping you’ll use them eventually, take any clothes you don’t really wear and sell them through a consignment store or online. It might surprise you how much money you’re able to earn for those clothing items.

Earn Money by Making Deliveries

More than likely, you’ve ordered take-out before through an app. The third-party apps many people use, like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, need drivers. If you have your own car and some free time, you might be able to do this. Instead of just sitting around with your free time, you can make deliveries and earn money while you do it. Listen to podcasts, get caught up on an audiobook, or just chill and listen to music.

Make Money Pet Sitting

Whether because someone’s schedule is really busy, they’re going out of town, or they aren’t physically able to exercise their pet, there are many reasons a person might need a pet sitter. If you’re good with pets, especially cats and dogs, you might find great success as a pet sitter. With the introduction of websites that facilitate freelance pet sitting, you can find jobs in your area more easily than ever. Best of all, you get to earn money while taking care of fur-children!

earn money as a student
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Start a Note-Taking Business

If you’re in school, you’re probably already taking notes in your classes. What if you were getting paid to take those notes? That’s the concept that OneClass Note Taking is based around. You can sign up to become an official note taker for your various classes. You’ll earn money for each one you upload. It can even push you to make more thorough and detailed notes, which can boost your grades.


There are plenty of ways to get a little bit of extra money as a student. These are all great options that you can take advantage of even if you only have very limited amounts of free time during your day. Instead of just wondering where you’re going to get your next bit of spending money, use these interesting money-making opportunities to fund your fun.