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The CBD industry was declared essential as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the US. For this reason, CBD suppliers are doing well while other businesses are not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left countless businesses struggling in its wake. Many companies have been shut down after being deemed nonessential, and the economy has experienced chaotic ups and downs.

But while so many businesses are experiencing a loss of profits, CBD industry leaders CBDfx have been deemed an essential business. Therefore, they continue to provide high-quality CBD products in their customers’ time of need.

COVID-19 Surfaces in January

When COVID-19 first surfaced in January 2020, the world caught a glimpse of what the future might hold. China faced an epidemic. People all over the world grew concerned. Everyone understood that with the amount of international air traffic to and from China, the virus had great potential to spread.

This growing concern was unfortunately valid, and COVID-19 began to surface in multiple locations around the world.

The Virus Begins to Spread

COVID-19 began to proliferate in Italy, Iran, and the United Kingdom. Panic hung in the air. People ran to the supermarkets and grocery stores to gather up as many supplies as they could.

Naturally, people who normally used CBD products on a daily basis stocked up on their favorites as well.

People bought canned goods and nonperishable items until the shelves were empty. They bought irrational amounts of toilet paper—enough to last them years. Gallon upon gallon of milk disappeared from grocery store dairy cases, so much so that it certainly spoiled in some households before they could possibly drink it all.

The CBD Industry Holds Steady Amid the COVID-19 Storm

With so many people stocking up on irrational things like toilet paper and excessive amounts of milk, many who use CBD have decided to stock up on that product as well. CBD is something people use daily and it takes a long time to expire.

Fortunately for the millions of people who love and use CBD, it has been deemed an essential business. The government recognizes that people use CBD as an important part of their daily lives, and that they should be able to experience the benefits of CBD throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

So it makes perfect sense that in such tumultuous times that high-quality, reputable brands like CBDfx are doing well.

Will CBD Suppliers Run Low?

However, it wouldn’t be any great surprise if even some of the top-tier CBD manufacturers were to exhaust their supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, there is an increased demand. Nonetheless, we expect the CBD industry not only to thrive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but to potentially see huge profits in its aftermath.


Why Not Start a CBD Business of Your Own?

So if you have ever considered opening an online store with a focus on CBD products, now could be an excellent time to get started. For tips and help on how to go about it, be sure to visit our blog often.