COVID-19 Storm

3 Types of Business Riding the COVID-19 Storm

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

In this post, we take a look at three businesses that are riding the COVID-19 storm.

Right now there are bigger things going on in the world besides business. Nevertheless, jobs and the economy will play a huge part in the world’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been practically impossible for some businesses to remain operational in their original incarnations. Others have scrambled to digitize as many of their services as possible. Meanwhile, those who were already 100% online—or at least had a sophisticated delivery service in place—have probably performed best.

Let’s take a look at three types of businesses riding the COVID-19 storm.

1. Food Subscription Services Are Doing Well During the COVID-19 Storm

It’s a no-brainer that the tills are ringing in many takeaways during the coronavirus lockdown. However, what’s perhaps slightly more surprising is the rapid rise of food subscription services. In the midst of this COVID-19 storm, their customers still like preparing their own meals with healthy ingredients and minimal waste.

For example, firms like Gousto and Hello Fresh are performing bullishly and look pretty futureproof. Moreover, the convenience is welcomed by customers who want to venture out as little as possible. In fact, the only problem is an occasional lack of capacity for new subscribers due to the huge demand.


2. Virtual PT Is All the Rage as the Coronavirus Pandemic Rolls On

With gyms closing, many people immediately started looking for a more social and interactive way of keeping fit at home. In other words, people wanted more than turning on some tunes and performing solo workouts while the storm thundered on outside their homes.

Fitness guru Joe Wicks has become even more of a household name in Britain. Meanwhile, non-celeb trainers who are tech-savvy have benefitted, too. And PT apps like Kaia have also come into their own.

It’s probably inevitable that unhealthy lifestyle choices like increased alcohol consumption are also taking hold. But at least the continuing craze for personal fitness provides some balance. Moreover, it contributes positively to public health at a particularly important time.

3. DIY Is Trendier Than Ever

Tinkering around with minor and intermediate home improvements is another reasonably healthy distraction during the COVID-19 storm (provided you’re super careful with health and safety). Lots of people were already ordering items online before large stores like B&Q in the UK reopened their doors with social distancing measures in place.

But other businesses have also felt the benefit. For instance, door specialist Oakwood Doors is still delivering pristine portals to anyone who fancies having a go at hanging their own door.

Perhaps you want to sand down your baseboards to apply a coat of fresh paint. Or maybe you will replace your lampshades or attempt to wallpaper your kitchen. Regardless of the projects you undertake, you’re contributing toward keeping the DIY industry in sterling shape.

How Will Your Business Weather the Storm?

These three types of businesses all leveraged their existing advantages and remained open during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Governments, health workers, and ordinary citizens are working hard to establish a “new normal.” Hopefully, as the storm passes, other businesses will find innovative ways to resurrect themselves.