Whether you’re running a small startup or a multi-outlet business empire, a reliable, fast Internet connection is something you absolutely must have. With it, you’ll increase productivity and help to keep your employees happy. What’s more, it will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Internet speeds have increased dramatically in recent years. Moreover, with the introduction of fiber optic cables, 5G connectivity, and other innovations, speeds will likely continue to increase.

Let’s look at seven reasons why you need to equip your business with a fast Internet connection.

1. A Fast Internet Connection Lets You Stay Ahead of Competitors

If your competition has a slow Internet connection, you’re already ahead of them. The slower the Internet is, the longer it takes to do things like upload files, process payments, or even edit a website. Every extra second you save puts your business further ahead of its competitors. In today’s business world, every second counts.

Plus, if you’re using your Internet to process payments or any other tasks that require you to interact with customers, you’ll make a good impression with fast speeds. Quicker checkouts make for happy customers. Plus, they’ll love the speed of your site’s WiFi connection overall.

2. A Faster Internet Will Increase Productivity and Improve Employee Morale

There’s nothing more detrimental to employee productivity and communication than a slow or unreliable Internet connection. Have you ever worked at a company that had this issue? It was probably incredibly frustrating to try to perform simple tasks, only to be derailed by the speed of the company’s Internet.

Faster Internet speeds mean that tasks can be completed more quickly and efficiently. When an employee is able to complete a project in this way, it keeps them happy and satisfied with their work.


You might think that the Internet connection couldn’t possibly be so responsible for employee morale. However, think of how frustrating a faulty connection is for you. Is that something that makes you feel more confident in your work, or irritated and demoralized?

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3. You’ll Keep up with Continually Changing Connections and Devices

As our devices change, so too must our Internet connections. Faster processors, better technology, and greater connectivity are making faster Internet speeds a necessity as we head into the future of mobile devices. Pretty soon, we’ll all be wanting to use innovations like AI and VR. Those definitely require faster Internet speeds in order to function properly.

Let’s say you’re visiting a VR-ready website. Without a fast Internet connection, you won’t be able to get the full experience. It will be choppy, slow, and likely pixelated. What’s more, if your company website is like that, you can’t expect to have much success converting leads into paying customers.

4. A Fast Internet Connection Can Give You Better Security

A faster Internet speed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting better security. However, most business-class Internet packages are equipped with faster speeds and increased security measures.

Additionally, with cybercrimes rising each year, and even large companies like Capital One and Target being hit by cyberattacks, you simply can’t be too careful with sensitive information.

Therefore, if you’re handling or storing customer information, like credit card numbers, it’s crucial that your connection is as secure as possible, and that starts with your internet service provider (ISP). Choose a plan with great security features and fast speeds to get the best value for your money.

5. You’ll Have More Access to Cloud Storage and Sharing

With cloud applications and storage becoming almost standard in the business world, there’s really no way to function with a slow connection. Some cloud services even allow for real-time collaboration between team members. However, a slow connection can seriously affect their ability to communicate and work on a project.

The functionality of your cloud storage and sharing within the business itself depends on the speed of your connection. If you want maximum results, you need to upgrade that slow, outdated Internet plan and increase your speeds!

6. You Can Enjoy Better Video Conferences

Who likes going to meetings? Pretty much no one.

Hence the rise of video conferencing. These web-based conferences are simple. What’s more, they don’t require everyone to crowd into a stuffy room where the air conditioning doesn’t work and no one ever brings an agenda.

Video conferencing tools, of course, need a fast Internet connection in order to render HD-quality video and audio. Without a good connection, you’re going to get choppy video, garbled audio, and plenty of frustration from everyone involved.

7. Open and Read Image-Laden Emails

Emails aren’t the word-only things they used to be. You can pretty much expect just about any email to contain images of some kind. However, you could be missing out on an entire email if your Internet connection isn’t fast enough to load the graphical assets.

The Bottom Line

Faster Internet speeds help pretty much every aspect of a business run more efficiently. Moreover, it also can help protect and back up sensitive data.

If your business is still running on DSL, you’re already behind the curve. Isn’t it time for you to upgrade?

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