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How to Choose the Best Lawyer for You

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It’s often we hear the phrase, “my lawyer.” However, this is generally true when an individual only needs one type of lawyer. The fact is, you might need several different lawyers throughout your life. Here we look at how to choose the best lawyer for you in your current situation.

What Do You Need a Lawyer For?

There are countless reasons you may need a lawyer. Perhaps your business is being sued, and you need an attorney to defend you in court. If you have been involved in a work accident, and you’re looking for compensation, you will need a lawyer who knows best how to deal with this sort of case.

But if you’re facing criminal charges, you should probably look for a criminal lawyer. A lawyer will rarely be equally experienced and competent in both employment law and criminal law.


The reason for this is that to excel in any law specialty, attorneys know they must be fully aware of relevant legislation. Moreover, they must have detailed knowledge of the history of case law surrounding your particular case at the time.

How Will You Fund Your Legal Defense?

A lawyer can become expensive. This is because legal procedures can often be subject to delays and lengthy proceedings. Hence, it’s best to consider the worst-case scenario and choose your lawyer accordingly.

This decision can be particularly significant when bringing civil proceedings against another party. If the cost of the action outstrips the potential pay-out, your case may not be worth your time and money.

It may be challenging to hear, but there are times when the smart decision financially is to let it go and move on. Alternatively, if you can settle out of court, this can be a good option for everyone.

Is Your Case a One-Off?

Are you looking for a lawyer who will take your case on a one-off basis? This could be true if you need an attorney to defend you against criminal proceedings. Or you might have an accident claim that needs to be looked at by someone like Lamber Goodnow.

For these types of events it is usually best to hire a lawyer you will use only on those occasions. However, you might continually go back to the same lawyer for contractual law such as house purchases, wills, properly setting up your business, and so on.

Get Recommendations About the Best Lawyer for You

For whichever reason you need a lawyer, it is crucial to hire the best you can afford. So if you know someone who has gone through a similar action, ask them who they used and how good they were.

If you don’t know anyone to give you a recommendation about the best lawyer for you, there are always online reviews. So check the law office’s website and see how its Google reviews add up.

Ask for Proof of Success

The great thing about the legal industry is that everything that has been conducted in court is recorded as a matter of public record. This makes it extremely easy to check the track record of an attorney.

If you ask an attorney for proof of how well they have done in the past, they can give you success stories and testimonials, but they may omit the failures. This is easy to check, though, and you can search not only media records but court ones as well.

Follow these suggestions, and you will soon find the best lawyer to handle your current case.