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Bitcoin System: How It Works

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In recent years, the field of automated trading systems has grown exponentially. This is especially true in the area of cryptocurrencies. One of the newcomers in this realm is Bitcoin System, an automated trading robot. It is designed to help users maximize profits with minimum effort.

Rumors from reliable sources report that it is possible to make up to $250 per day using the Bitcoin System. This claim causes some people to wonder if the Bitcoin System is legitimate.

According to reviews from trusted platforms and top bitcoin traders, the platform seems credible. Nonetheless, Bitcoin System’s detractors say it is fraudulent, with fake celebrity endorsements and many negative customer reviews. In this post, we aim to uncover the truth by reviewing available information about this trading bot.

The Bitcoin System app is an algorithm-driven digital bot. It performs trade actions by analyzing financial news and market trends. This all happens quickly, within only a few seconds. Moreover, it is fully autonomous as well. This eliminates human error.


Many similar robots boast of a 90% success rate, and the Bitcoin System claims an average profitability rate roughly that, at 88%.

How the Bitcoin System Works

The first thing to do is to register an account on the Bitcoin System platform, then fund it.

You will notice that there are different packages for users, each set at a different cost.

Additionally, there are two main types of services. One is a monthly subscription to your account on the platform. This allows you to use the bots to perform cryptocurrency exchanges and other transactions.

The other type is a one-time use plan. With this plan, you get to rent trading bots for your transactions.

Trial by Demo

Once you have completed your registration by setting up your login details and password, you can move on to the next stage. That is, you can begin practicing with a demo account. This will help you to understand how the system works.

Your demo account on the Bitcoin System provides you with $1500 in virtual funds so you can make simulated cryptocurrency transactions with your demo account. A demo account allows you to see statistics, including your total simulated profit, balance, and winning trades.

On the right side of the screen are two menu options: “Open Trades” and “Auto Trade.” The Auto Trade option puts your trades on autopilot, and the bot takes over. In a short while, you will be able to see a series of transactions the bot has performed. Use this result to determine if the Bitcoin System bot is worth your investment or not.


If you decide to continue trading on the Bitcoin System platform, deposit actual funds into your account. When you do, you should switch from the demo mode to the live mode. On the live trading page, you will see a green function button labeled “Deposit.” Click it and fill in the form you’ll see next.

Next, you will need to complete the process through your email. Then add the payment options that suit you best, and you will be ready to trade. The minimum trading deposit for the Bitcoin System is $250, payable by debit card or credit card.


With your funds in place and having acquired some basic knowledge, you can now begin trading.

However, be sure to set a stop loss order as well as a maximum profit amount at points you feel are reasonable. These give instructions to the robot to stop trading at the lowest and maximum points.

Additionally, it’s important to set your stop loss and maximum profits points daily. Moreover, with this software, you will have to set your investment amount for every trade. You also choose the cryptocurrency pairs you would like to trade at the same time.

Most important of all, however, is to keep in mind that all forms of trading involve certain risks.