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Expand Your Business with International Toll Free Numbers

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Considering international toll free numbers for your business? Learn why these numbers are beneficial for business communications and how they can improve customer interaction.

International Toll Free Numbers: What Are They?

As a business, you are constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand your offerings. International toll free numbers for different countries can help you do so. For example, you can get a UK toll free number or Saudi Arabia toll free number to create an avenue of communication in these locations.

However, the most attractive part about these numbers is that they route calls over the Internet. This essentially means that as long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can use any of these numbers from anywhere in the world without paying high international calling charges. Instead, you pay the fee you owe your international toll free number subscriber, such as

Building Virtual Connections with International Toll Free Numbers

With international toll free numbers, you can enter your product or service into new markets gradually while saving money.

At the same time, customers and prospects calling your business back won’t pay high charges because they will be calling a toll free number, which does not charge the caller. This results in a win-win situation.

More customers calling your business gives it the chance to sell better and provide better customer service. Moreover, good customer service leads to great customer satisfaction and recommendations. These, in turn, will attract more customers to your business.


Creating Local Presences

With international toll free numbers, you can enter local markets without being physically present. You do not need to move your business to a new state or country to do business there. You simply need to establish a means of communication and delivery, if applicable. These aspects aside, your product, an informative website, and testimonials should prove how valuable your product is.

These toll free numbers allow you to test how your product might do in specific markets or with certain demographic groups. Here again, you can study customer preferences and behavior, particularly how they respond to and interact with your product, all without incurring costs of relocating.

Getting International Toll Free Numbers

So, where can you get international toll free numbers? Any virtual or cloud-based phone service provider should be able to provide you with these numbers and other additional virtual communication tools.

  1. The first step is to identify which states or countries you want to target and why you want to market your product there.
  2. Next, find a provider that offers toll free numbers for these areas at prices that fit your budget.
  3. Then examine what additional or advanced features they offer. For example, do they offer call recording or interactive voice response (IVR) or SMS plans?
  4. Finally, sign up for these numbers, activate them, and start advertising them.

Advertising Your International Numbers

A major benefit of having international numbers is advertising this global coverage on your website and social media platforms. It lets customers and prospects know that your business is available in different locations, languages (possibly), and different time zones. This encourages more customer bases to contact you.

Also, advertise these numbers in your email and social media marketing campaigns, online and paid ads, and anywhere you see fit.

Go Virtual, Go Big

International toll free numbers give your business the opportunity to grow gradually, test new markets, and create virtual connections with prospects all over the world. This is the new way to expand your business in these digitally dependent times, so why not capitalize on it? Do what’s right for your business, one step at a time.

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