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It is no secret: As a business owner, if you are not thinking of global expansion for your business, then you are behind in the game. With the level of globalization and advancements in technology, it is easier than ever to make connections beyond borders and sell across the world. But where do you start? International toll free numbers.


What Are International Toll Free Numbers?

International toll free numbers are phone numbers that work through a forwarding service. These numbers are preferred by businesses because they encourage customers to contact them for a query or for customer support. And when a customer connects with a business, it opens an opportunity for a sale or to increase customer satisfaction rates.

But let’s backtrack a bit. Why do toll free numbers encourage customers to call? And what is an international call forwarding service?

Toll free numbers are known worldwide as numbers that charge the receiver instead of the caller for a call. This means that these numbers are free for callers. That is, they provide a free way for your customers to call you. And so, interested prospects or those that need customer support won’t have to think twice before connecting with your business.

The Excellent Features of an International Call Forwarding Service

An international call forwarding service will let you receive these calls irrespective of your physical location. That is the beauty of these virtual numbers. They route calls over the Internet instead of through standard phone lines. And so, you can get a toll free number of a country different from the one that you are situated in.

For example, consider that you and your business are located in the United States. Thanks to virtual numbers, you can get a UK number and connect with UK customers. They can call your business and connect with you for free.

While you receive calls in your US office through the Internet instead of traditional lines, you won’t be paying high long-distance calling fees either. Instead, you’ll pay the rate of the plan you choose from your international phone number provider.


Where Can You Get International Toll Free Numbers?

You can easily purchase your toll free numbers from a virtual phone number provider such as globalcallforwarding.com. These providers offer a variety of different plans for businesses of different sizes and from various industries. And they offer numbers for multiple countries across the globe. In other words, you can get multiple toll free numbers for the different areas you want to expand to or test your product in.

To start, research the top cloud-based phone service providers and see what they have to offer. This includes international toll free numbers but also other virtual communication features and tools such as SMS plans, call recording, call forwarding options based on time zones and locations, interactive voice response (IVR), and so on.

These tools will make your business phone system more robust and efficient, and make your office productive. Then, make a decision and start building your ideal business communication system.

Ready to Go Global?

International toll free numbers will help take your business to the international stage with an enhanced customer service system. You can build virtual offices, create virtual connections with customers across the globe, and study how they respond to your product and services.

Then, you can decide to make a bolder decision to have physical offices to solidify your business’s presence and influence.

Now is the time. Take the leap. Go global.

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