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User-Friendly Web Conferencing Tools for Small Business

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Web conferencing is becoming the primary way to support and collaborate with business partners or team members in remote locations. Business leaders need to gather for collective efforts even when team members are not present in one place.

This reality gave birth to web conferencing. However, web conferencing tools can get costly. Therefore, startups, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers need free web conferencing tools.

As with other technologies, free versions of web conferencing tools may not offer all features. Still, they are helpful for basic functions. Consider these web conferencing tools for your needs.

1. Zoom: A Popular Web Conferencing Tool

Zoom is a site that has grown into a worldwide brand. It provides free as well as paid features for entrepreneurs, from smaller to growing businesses. It has a variety of functions and is extremely user-friendly. This is a factor that contributes to its success.

In addition, Zoom tends to work on almost every device from personal phones or tablets to work computers. This web conferencing tool provides highly effective visual and sound clarity. 

Additionally, Zoom offers a few other user-friendly features. For example, you’ll find a dialogue box, emoticons for reactions, and free meeting recordings. Zoom also provides live coaching webinars and support programs. It is one the highest rated online conferencing tools.

2. MeetingBurner for Skype Integration

MeetingBurner a great app for video conferences and webinars. It allows you to share your display with attendees. This tool works in the browser which means there are no installations needed.

Recording and sharing are also easy on MeetingBurner, as it integrates Skype and connects other meeting lines as well. You will also get insights for your meetings to see how your attendees are interacting with your videos.

It’s among the most popular platforms for online meetings due to its connection speeds and easy-to-use functionality. Finally, and best of all, the features we mention here for this web conferencing tool are free.

3. ClickMeeting: Meetings and Webinars

ClickMeeting presents itself mainly as a conference platform. However, it also works well for Webinars. According to PC Magazine, this web conferencing tool delivers a satisfactory user interface.

ClickMeeting’s webinar framework provides briefing features that are missing in other competitive conferencing tools. One of the best features of ClickMeeting is its latest webinar platform. Using WebRTC tools, ClickMeeting improves the quality of audio and video. This tool provides a full range of adapted features such as whiteboards, exchange of reports and markups, personalized input surveys, communication through Q&A and texts, and sharing, some of which is free of cost.

web conferencing tool
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4. Uberconference

Uberconference is a successful web conference hosting platform for teleconferencing. It offers some fantastic features including call recording, voice recognition, screen sharing and up to 10 participants per call in their free version. (Payable program enables up to 100 team members).

They give an unlimited number of video conferences per month. In addition, Uberconference does not require any pincode to activate or take part in a call. However, the disadvantage with Uberconference’s free version is that calls are restricted to 45 minutes only.

Additionally, international phone calls are not endorsed on this web conferencing tool. So if you wish to call internationally, you will have to opt for its paid version.

5. GoToMeeting: Longstanding Web Conferencing Tool

GoToMeeting is already on the list of the best web conferencing tools by PC Magazine, which considers GoToMeeting “best for small businesses and customers.” They also say it’s “among the most user-friendly conference facilities.”

Meeting facilitators can change the speaker and customize audio or video without leaving the call. You get to choose your individual meeting room URL as a host, and there is no particular need to find a password and access code as you would need with Zoom. It is also quick to launch the meetings. Just submit an invitation or select “Meet Now” to start an immediate meeting.


6. Join.me

Join.me has a free version which allows you to host a limitless series of discussions using up to five video streams with approximately ten members per session (one moderator plus nine audience members).

Plus, you can interact with participants, pass files with them, access the voice of any Internet conference (VoIP) and also let participants monitor your device. It is a convenient web conferencing tool and a choice for many users.