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Attract and Keep Customers with a White Label Trading Platform

Featured image by Szabolcs Molnar from Pixabay 

Popcorn Technology is a white label company that provides out-of-the-box services to new brokerages looking to get a start in the industry. Their MT4 platform is entirely brandable.

What Does “White Label” Mean?

A white label product is a generic product which the maker offers to other businesses to use as their own. Accordingly, Popcorn Technology offers its MT4 platform to new brokers in the trading industry. (“MT4” is shorthand for MetaTrader 4, an online trading platform.)

The makers of the Popcorn Technology MT4 platform understand that money is an emotionally charged subject. They understand that this adds complexity when it comes to trading successfully.

For example, a trading broker’s honest mistakes can temporarily dissuade customers from using the site. However, overall general incompetence is a sure-fire way to lose customers for good.

When people believe they are making significant financial decisions, emotions run high. This happens frequently on a trading platform. Therefore, as the broker, you need to ensure your clients are comfortable. They need to feel at ease with your brokerage at every step in the process.

By turning to a white label platform designed by experts, you can provide them with this assurance.

How Do Customers Perceive the MT4 Platform?

MT4 is a popular trading platform. It is known around the world for its reliable trading tools. Therefore, offering your customers a white label MT4 trading platform is the best way to make new customers feel comfortable. After all, they already know and trust the platform, so they will instantly perceive your brokerage as trustworthy.

And as for customers who are entirely new to trading, the MT4 is the perfect trading platform, as it is intuitive and easy to learn.

Build Customer Trust with Popcorn’s White Label Trading Platform

One key component of building trust with your customer base is strong branding. A strong brand stands out. It means something specific to its customers.


Here’s where a reliable white label trading platform will help you the most. By using your brand on a reliable white label trading platform, you will reinforce the idea that your startup is dependable and trustworthy. This alone can transform a potential client into a paying customer.

Once you have attracted new customers to your brokerage and have shown those customers that your site is capable, you might think you’ve won the game. However, you must continually strive to keep customers happy while continuing to attract new leads.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service with a White Label Platform

There are multiple components that go into a successful brokerage. For example, your brokerage needs a traders’ room, a payment processing service, and customer relationship management capabilities. Each of these components is an essential link in the chain. If one of the links fails, the whole system will falter.

A brokerage must remain consistent, dependable, and professional. Customers need continuous and easy access to trading data, news, support, and transactional data. They need to keep themselves informed.

If a new brokerage provides unfailing support and impeccable customer service, they stand a much better chance against their competitors. That is, they will be better at keeping their customers happy and trading. This will consequently increase their bottom line.

Get Startup Advice from Industry Professionals

Popcorn technology provides white label services for all of these vital components. Additionally, they provide expert startup advice from a strong team of professionals. These experts are attentive and eager to help a new brokerage succeed.

It’s easy to understand why white label services such as those offered by Popcorn Technology are popular among entrepreneurs. Just knowing you’re using a proven technology in your business is sure to give you peace of mind.

Moreover, when your brokerage offers services that function correctly you will naturally attract new customers. Then, by offering support from experts in the industry you will keep the customers you already have.