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Jungle Scout: Amazon’s Answer to Product Research

Featured photo by Tobias Dziuba from Pexels

Jungle Scout is a game changer for building a successful online store.

It can help you start a new business or run an existing store. Jungle Scout also allows you to take a glance at what products will be the most profitable and easiest to sell. This helps you grow your online store. 

It can aid you with finding winning items, spying on competitors, estimating sales, and researching keywords, all from from one easy-to-use dashboard. In short, Jungle Scout is your go-to Amazon product research tool.

Why Jungle Scout?

Before the arrival of Jungle Scout, Amazon geeks like us had to manually research products. Digging through and creating spreadsheets, analyzing data, cataloging products, we created libraries with what little data we could access.

Today, however, you don’t need to spend endless hours doing that yourself and relying only upon your own thoughts. Today, Jungle Scout does all of that for you instantly. 

While doing e-commerce business, especially with Amazon, you must do product research to establish and grow your business.

In the meantime, your competition is growing, too. And if you choose an item that doesn’t sell, you will fail no matter how well you are doing.

And it’s true. The competition is getting more intense with each passing day. More than one million new sellers join every year. In order to succeed, you must always choose profitable, in-demand, and unique products. 

Profitability is a long-term game, and it requires great patience. However, power and speed can win out in the short term. This is the entire idea behind Jungle Scout. It will save you time and set you up for long-term success.

Here’s how Jungle Scout can help you: 

Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter is the most amazing part of the software. It allows you to identify profitable products in your niche. Further, it will suggest keywords based on parameters such as product category, price, competition, listing quality, and opportunity score.


Product Tracker

The Jungle Scout product tracker allows you to track the entire sales history of a product. It instantly provides you with the average price, fees, weight, scales, and rating trends. Additionally, it shows you a real-time picture of the product’s sales history. 

jungle scout

Product Database

Jungle Scout product database includes more than 70 million products from the Amazon catalog. Use its filters to get ideas and inspiration.

Scroll through the vast list of items, and you can easily see how much a particular product can be worth to you. With the filters you can select among common criteria.

However, many new FBA entrepreneurs overlook the product database. Don’t be one of them. Otherwise, you will miss a lot of good information. For example, you could be overlooking international marketplaces, or you could fail to make good use of the software’s profit calculator or its product ranking tool. 

Keyword Scout

Researching keywords for Amazon is vital to your success. You need to make sure people are searching for your product. And you also need to optimize your listings to match those searches. Keyword Scout helps bridge the gap between your product and the shopper.


Whether you’re a newbie to the FBA world or you’ve been running your eCommerce store for a while, why not make your life a whole lot easier by choosing the software the pros use? In short, get your hands on Jungle Scout and watch your sales soar through the roof.