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Qualitative Research Tells You What Customers Really Want

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Market research includes both quantitative and qualitative market research. Quantitative market research deals with amassed consumer habits while qualitative research evaluates personal opinions.

In order to fully understand your customers, you need both. In this post we explore the benefits to your business of qualitative research.


Qualitative Market Research: Get to Know Your Customers

New innovations hit the market every day. Faster and faster, it seems, they change how customers interact with brands. In response, market research adapts to reflect the new market changes in an ever-spinning cycle.

The Internet has amassed a colossal and always growing trove of data. Numerical analyses of large-scale customer pools for online and offline retailers abound. This is quantitative market research, and so far in the 21st century it has dominated the field.

The initial insights provided by quantitative market research lay the foundation for a deeper dive. Today, business owners and marketers alike look to reliable online qualitative research tools that capture social media feedback and real-time conversations.

These tools give market researchers fresh ways to explore and leverage social media. In short, it gives them a more nuanced approach, namely, qualitative research. This approach probes customers’ preferences through interactivity in comments, shares, and likes.

Discuss.io: The Best Online Qualitative Market Research Tool

Until recently, interviews and focus groups required land-based space. This made them expensive and time-consuming.

Now, all that has changed. Today, Discuss.io gives businesses the opportunity to engage in real-time video streams with their target audience. Now they can accomplish remotely and seamlessly what was once a cumbersome process.

Marketers have learned that emotive feedback can be as valuable as spoken sentiments and much more easily analyzed. In the online world, it serves as a substitute for the nonverbal communication human beings rely on in real life.

With Discuss.io, business researchers can observe and study a participant’s responses on social media. Their analyses help to close communication gaps, especially when it comes to understanding customers’ initial reactions to a product.

Additionally, the Discuss.io tool provides market researchers with a way to conduct real-time discourse with participants for even greater understanding.

Why Choose Discuss.io

An online qualitative research tool, Discuss.io challenges the conventional techniques of directly engaging with participants. Although personally satisfying, traditional methods of qualitative research have their flaws.

For instance, traditional qualitative research requires traveling, rented facilities, and, in most cases, temporary hires.

Also, it can sometimes take months to prepare for qualitative market research. This is partly because the process of organizing a study requires frequent contact with multiple parties. This takes time that could be better spent on actual research.

Additionally, traditional qualitative market research techniques may include diverse voices. But the logistics of frequent traveling increases the time to the final deliverable. 

For these reasons, traditional methods can be expensive and time-consuming.

1. Faster Turnarounds

Today, however, thanks to online qualitative research tools like Discuss.io, market researchers can forego these challenges. This saves an enormous amount of time. What once took months to accomplish can now be accomplished in as little as 48 hours.

With Discuss.io, market researchers can now focus more attention and time on their actual research. They can also process more participants every day.

2. Global Reach

Discuss.io is an international network of agency partners. They support market research in 95 countries around the world. This gives business researchers access to a plentiful array of participants and allows them to recruit from more representative samples.


Qualitative online market research meets the demands of today’s fast-paced market. Thanks to online qualitative research tools, market researchers can accomplish their tasks more quickly and with greater ease. Go to the Discuss.io website to learn more.

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