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Corporate Video: Why Professional Is Best in Corporate Video

Video production has been around since 1832, when technology made filmmaking possible. However, only within the last five years has corporate video production enjoyed widespread popularity as a marketing tool.

Planning and producing a successful corporate video can be challenging, though, especially if you expect high quality results. For this reason, it is always best to hire a video editing company for the job.

On the other hand, it is always good to know what goes into making a corporate video. That will be the main focus of this article. So let’s begin with the basics.

What Is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a video that is made by a company or institution to communicate about their products or services.

Even though the video production landscape has changed dramatically over time, the core process for making a corporate video remains the same. In other words, no matter what results the client wants to see in their video, a good video editing company will always follow the three time-honored phases of the filmmaking process: pre-production, production, and post production.

6 Tips for Making a Great Corporate Video

A corporate video should clearly communicate what the brand is about. Viewers should be able to understand immediately why they should choose your company over your competition.

To this end, here are some tips to help make yours a successful corporate video:

1. Hire a Professional

First and foremost, you need a pro. Hiring a video production company for your corporate video is a must. The staff can provide insights on technical aspects that you are probably unfamiliar with.

2. Keep Your Corporate Video Short

Nearly everyone these days has a short attention span. As a matter of fact, you should consider yourself lucky if you get a mere flicker of someone’s attention.

Therefore, make it easy for the viewer to understand the video quickly. Do this by having a concise script. State right up front what you’re offering, and don’t beat around the bush.

3. Know Your Audience

Know your target audience and how to reach them. You might think general appeal would serve you better. However, most small businesses need to get strategic if they want their approach to succeed.

So make it easy for your intended audience to understand how your company or product will improve their lives. Don’t be coy. Offer specific details to win them over.


4. Use Humor as a Hook

Another effective tactic that can help your corporate video succeed is to use humor. Humor works in advertising because it takes the emphasis off the advertising aspect of your video and shifts it toward entertainment. Since people appreciate being entertained, they’ll be more likely to connect with your brand if you use humor in your corporate video.

5. Be Clear About Your Message

Be specific about the purpose of your video. If you try to get too many points across in a single video, you could easily lose your audience. And once you’ve lost your audience, you’ve missed that opportunity.

To make sure your message is clear, write your message out and read it aloud to a friend or colleague. Request their honest opinion, and ask them to repeat back to you the message they think you are trying to convey.

6. Finish with a Powerful CTA

Getting the audience engaged with your video is important, but that’s not everything. At the end of your video, be sure to finish with a simple but effective call to action (CTA).

A good CTA is concise. It directs the viewer to an action you want them to take immediately, based on the information they’ve just received from your video.

If your message is clear and your audience is engaged, your properly placed and powerful CTA will win them over completely.

Hire a Pro to Get Your Corporate Video Done Right

Hopefully, this article has shed some light into the creation of a corporate video.

In short, our advice is: If you are looking to craft a corporate video for your brand, hire a video editing company. Also, keep in mind what you have learned from this article. This information will be useful throughout the video editing process.