Credit cards are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE. Moreover, rewards credit cards are catching on with consumers as well.

In fact, research indicates that the UAE has the highest credit card penetration in the MENA region, with more than 5 million credit cardholders in the country. Moreover, the volume of credit card transactions has risen more than 90% between 2013 and 2018, indicating a growing use of credit cards among locals.

Credit card reward programs are one of the best ways you can stretch your money a little further. However, choosing the right credit card isn’t just about the rewards programs, but also about your usage, spending habits, and preferred benefits.

We have put together a list of decent credit card reward programs in the UAE for different types of users. This list can help you find the right credit card to use either for your business or for your personal transactions.


We’ll help you choose the right rewards credit cards by considering some critical factors later in this post.

What Are the Best Rewards Credit Cards in the UAE?

Standard Chartered Bank Platinum Card

Do you want a credit card that suits your daily expenses? Standard Chartered Bank Platinum Credit Card offers rewards for regular expenses such as shopping at supermarkets, school fees, and utility payments. It also offers decent rewards on traveling, entertainment, and hotel bookings.

Top Benefits

  • Supermarket payments: 10% cash back on supermarket spending
  • Utility bills: 10% cash back on utility bill payments
  • School fees: 10% cash back on school fee payments

Additional Rewards Features

  • Cleartrip,, and Costa Coffee discounts: Standard Chartered Bank Platinum Credit Card offers up to 30% discount on ticket bookings through Cleartrip. You can get a 10% discount for hotel booking at Also, you can get a buy-one-get-one-free beverage offer at Costa Coffee.
  • Airport lounge access and Careem rides: This credit card also gives you free airport lounge access and one complimentary free ride via Careem.

Annual Fees and Charges

  • Annual fees: 525 AED
  • Interest rates: 3.33% for retail and 3.09% on cash transactions
  • Late fees: 241.50 AED

ADCB Traveller Credit Card

If you’re an avid traveler, we recommend getting rewards credit cards that reward you for ticket bookings and hotel stays, as well as give other traveling-related benefits. ADCB Traveller Credit Card provides some of the best credit card reward programs for travelers.

Top Benefits

  • Flight bookings: 20% discount on flight bookings through (six bookings per year)
  • Hotel bookings: 20% off on hotel tariffs across participant properties located worldwide
  • Foreign currency fees: 0% processing fees on overseas usage
  • Complimentary hotel stay and travel insurance: Complimentary hotel stay of up to six days on participating properties and complimentary travel insurance for the cardholder

Additional Rewards Features

  • Earn TouchPoints: You can earn up to 2 TouchPoints for every 1 AED spent through the card. You can also redeem TouchPoints against shopping, traveling, utility bills, and dining vouchers.
  • Airport lounge access, Careem rides, buy-one-get-one offers: You get unlimited access to premium airport lounges and a personal chauffeur via Careem rides. You’ll also be eligible for buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Annual Fees and Charges

  • Annual fees: 1,050 AED
  • Interest rates: 3.25% (monthly)
  • Late fees: 241.50 AED

Citi Cash Back Credit Card

Are you are looking for a mix of offers that suit your daily needs that you can also use for overseas spending? Plus, wouldn’t you like a card that charges zero fees for an entire year? Then Citi Cash Back Credit Card is a rewards credit card that is a good option for you.

Anyone with a salary of 8,000 AED can apply for it. However, you’ll continue paying zero fees only if you spend more than 9,000 AED annually after the first year.

Top Benefits

  • International spending: 3% cash back on your international spending
  • Grocery shopping: 2% cash back on grocery purchases
  • Other expenses: 1% cash back on any other spending

Additional Rewards Features

  • Airport lounge access and 20% discounts at network restaurants: You can get free airport lounge access at over 1,000 airports, and a 20% discount on network restaurants with Citi Cash Back Credit Card.

Annual Fees and Charges

  • Annual fees: 0 AED (1st year)
  • Interest rates: 3.25%
  • FX rates: 2.99% 

CBD Super Saver Credit Card

CBD Super Saver Credit Card is popular for its multi-category cashback of 10% and zero fees for the first year. The only catch is that you must spend more than 3,000 AED across all the listed categories to qualify for the 10% discount. However, It is one of the rewards credit cards that complement different types of purchases.

Top Benefits

  • Supermarket shopping: 10% cash back on supermarket spending (up to 200 AED)
  • Bills: 10% cashback on utility bills, telecom bills, and government-linked payments (up to 200 AED)
  • Education expenses: 10% cash back on education expenses (school or college) in the UAE or abroad (up to 200 AED)
  • Transport: 10% cash back on any transport expenses such as fuel (up to 200 AED)

Additional Rewards Features

  • Airport lounge access and travel insurance: You can enjoy lounge access at 1,000 airports through Lounge Key. CBD Super Saver Credit Card gives you travel insurance of up to USD 500,000.

Annual Fees and Charges

  • Annual fees: 0 AED first year
  • Interest rates: 3.45% (retail) and 3.49% (cash)
  • Late fees: 209 AED

Simplylife Cash Back Credit Card

Do you want to earn rewards for your daily purchases? Simplylife Cash Back Credit Card is an ideal choice for individuals seeking flat rewards on every spend. Also, it comes with zero annual fees for life, making it one of the most cost-efficient rewards credit cards.

Top Benefits

  • Cash back on every purchase: 1% cashback on any purchase as long as you spend over 1,000 AED
  • No annual fees

Additional Rewards Features

  • Free movie tickets: You can get cash back of up to 70 AED for two movie tickets purchases if you spend 1,500 AED or more.
  • Lounge access: Simplylife Cash Back Credit Card gives you access to multiple lounges across the UAE.

Annual Fees and Charges

  • Annual fees: 0
  • Interest rates: 3.25% (retail) and 3.50% (cash)
  • Late fees: 241.50 AED

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are multiple credit card reward programs available for users. The trick is to choose a reward program that suits your spending habits and lifestyle. Also, pay close attention to the additional charges when choosing a credit card.