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Why Consider a Career in Junk Removal?

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Junk removal services collect discarded materials from domestic, commercial, construction, or demolition sites, then safely dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

The US Has a Trash Problem

The US creates more than 624,000 metric tons of waste—in a single day!

A lot of this junk ends up in overflowing landfills because of lack of awareness among the general populace about the options available to them. For example, people could be recycling, reusing, donating, or repurposing. However, some people simply don’t think of it as that big of a deal.


What Happens to Junk?

Junk removal services collect trash and old appliances from domestic, commercial, construction, and demolition sites. Then they safely dispose of these materials in an environmentally friendly manner. A lot of what they collect can be recycled. They take care of other materials, like heavy metals, hazardous waste, or plant matter, in the best way possible.

Should We Worry About Junk Removal?

  • The amount of waste generated per person in the US is the highest of any country. Solid waste management costs roughly $200 billion every year, including the energy resources necessary for trash disposal.
  • In a few years, we’ll likely run out of landfills, because the amount of waste production is rising rapidly.
  • A huge amount of plastic gets produced, and 80 percent of it becomes waste. What’s frightening, however, is the fact that people either don’t bother to recycle, or they don’t have access to recycling, for 91 percent of this plastic.
  • We could save a huge amount of energy by recycling plastic instead of producing more of it.
  • With technological advances, the amount of e-waste has seen a startling rise. Moreover, an increasing amount of e-waste is a matter of grave concern, as a lot of it is toxic waste.
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These problems need our immediate attention. We should all give recycling, donating, and upcycling high priority in our daily lives.

Consider a Career in Junk Removal

Junk removal can be a rewarding career option. For starters, it offers you the opportunity to do your part in keeping the planet clean. By focusing on sustainable rubbish removal, you’ll be providing an important service to your community.

Here are several other reasons why this is a rewarding career choice:

  1. A junk removal business doesn’t require a large investment or setting up an office for its startup. Neither does it need a lot of time. The ongoing expenses relating to this business are also relatively low. In fact, a truck driver and an assistant can provide all the services needed. At the onset, the owner can operate as the primary driver.
  2. Junk removal businesses are booming because of the increasing amount of waste Americans produces.
  3. Another reason why junk removal services are in demand is that people buy a lot of stuff, a lot more than they need. This is partly because buying in bulk is ostensibly cheaper. However, it’s also because advertisements are tempting. What’s more, the average American moves more than ten times in their lifetime, and they require junk removal services each time.
  4. Junk removal businesses are likely to do well even during times of recession. This is because people accumulate waste and dispose of it regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. Therefore, this business is recession-proof, and investors and lenders are usually willing to put up the necessary capital to launch a new junk removal business.
  5. People are becoming more aware of the availability of junk removal services. This is especially true of people who are hoarders who have realized they now have the option to get rid of the trash that’s been holding them back in life.
  6. You will earn money for removing junk from people’s houses or businesses. Additionally, you will also be making a profit by selling these discarded items, as people often throw away things that are either still useful or have significant value.
  7. You get to work for yourself!

Get Started Today

All you need to get started is a truck and a trailer. Then you can apply for junk removal subcontracting and junk removal jobs. So why wait? Start your new career in junk removal today.