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Don Forman Automotive’s Philanthropic Activities

Featured photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unsplash

How an entrepreneur relates to the members of the community establishes their legacy. And entrepreneur Don Forman, founder of Don Forman Automotive, is passionate about making changes in other people’s lives by helping as much as he can.

For example, four years ago, a deadly shooting in Las Vegas left many people vulnerable. Afterward, people needed rides to secure locations. Forman closed his store and organized his employees to offer rides to those victims.

Moreover, he also coordinated transportation for people who wanted to donate blood, giving them free rides to various donation stations.

Don Forman Automotive’s Other Charitable Activities

Don Forman has also given cars to parents who needed a vehicle to get to their jobs but didn’t have the money to purchase a car. He believes that there should be equality in the world. Therefore, he provides opportunities to people who will benefit from his help.

Forman also helps students in Las Vegas and other parts of the world with generous scholarships. Because of his activities in this regard, people in various locations all around the globe hold him in high regard.


Don Forman Automotive is the largest auto dealership in Las Vegas. It grew to its current size because people want to be associated with someone who is eager to give back to society. To be sure, Forman’s philanthropic activities have played a significant role in building the Don Forman legacy.

His Philanthropic Activities Improve People’s Social and Economic Status

Don Forman has excelled both as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Many people purchase their vehicles from his company because the cars are of high quality. However, it is his charitable activities that draw people to his dealership in the first place, more often than not.

They know Forman values helping people and wants to make their dreams a reality. In other words, his reputation precedes him.

Many of the students who receive scholarships from Forman end up working in his company after graduation. Because they feel grateful for the opportunities they have been given, they work hard and give their best in their jobs. In fact, Forman has created job opportunities for thousands of people in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, allowing them to improve their living standards.

In the course of his business and philanthropic activities, Don Forman has become close friends with several people. They know he is on the front lines of working toward a better world, trying to help people. He has a special passion for helping the homeless. In turn, people want to be associated with his company. They feel Don Forman has their back.

What Makes Him Stand out in a Crowd?

Don Forman serves his community with a special focus on its underserved members. His hard work in this regard is driven by passion and a determination to create a better world. Moreover, he believes that by giving back to society, he is also creating new opportunities for his business.

Forman’s philanthropic activities have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused a significant downturn in his business, but it has broadened the scope of his philanthropic activities.

While the chief purpose of his philanthropic activities is not necessarily to advertise his business, they have that effect, since people associate his vehicles with his good deeds.

People who buy a vehicle from Don Forman Automotive, whether they buy a Hyundai, a Nissan, or any other brand of vehicle, feel good about their purchase. This is because they know a portion of the purchase price will go toward helping other people.

Don Forman’s primary objective is to give people hope even when it seems all hope is lost. For this reason, not only do people think highly of Forman as a philanthropist, but his automobile dealership is also highly successful.