The online jewelry business is booming, which comes as good news for people who prefer to shop in solitude. But how do you distinguish a great place to buy a new diamond from seedier online stores? One of the best ways to vet for great customer service and gorgeous jewelry is to peruse previous customers’ reviews.


Shopping for diamonds on the Internet may be the way of the future. If you’re in the market for a new rock, here are six reasons why you shouldn’t skip the online reviews.

1. Diamonds Cost a Pretty Penny

You have reached a certain level of success with your small business. It has steady and reliable cash flow and you’re plowing some of your earnings into investments for your future. And now, you’ve decided, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor by treating yourself to something you have wanted for a while, some beautiful diamond jewelry, simply for your own enjoyment.

If you’re on the search for a diamond ring, chances are, you’re shooting high to find that special something. Even if you aren’t looking to spend a mortgage payment on your gem, you probably still plan to drop a dime.

Even synthetic diamonds don’t come cheap, and with good reason. It’s the ultimate statement gem and can make the most of any special occasion, from brightening your new fiancée’s left hand to adding sparkle to a recent graduate’s neck. Diamonds have long been celebrated, so it’s no wonder they are so expensive. A less expensive alternative is Moissanite which is surprisingly affordable and a great value.  

2. Is It a Perfect Diamond?

Your investment in a diamond is one reason why you want to be sure it’s perfect. When looking at online reviews, you want to find happy people who had good shopping experiences. That way, you can ensure your new purchase will make you happy, too.

You don’t want to end up with a dud.

While some of the Wild West lawlessness has faded from the Internet with time, there are still scammers out there. You want to be sure your purchase is what you expected.

However, many shoppers seek natural gems and end up with synthetic diamonds. Others hope for a certain clarity and end up with a dud. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, it’s especially important you don’t represent your unconditional love with the wrong thing.

3. The Best Online Stores Treat Their Customers Right

In your search for the best diamond engagement ring or whatever jewelry you are trying to buy, look into reviews by people who have been loyal customers. If people have been happy more than once with a shop, you’ll know they are treating their clients right.

In a way, jewelers are like caregivers for their clients. They are there to make their clientele as comfortable and pleased as possible. The best online jewelry stores will accurately depict what they are selling in their photos and product descriptions. Make sure when you buy a diamond that you are getting what you pay for.

4. Would an Elegant Lab Diamond Suit Your Purposes?

Earth-mined diamonds from some parts of the world have become controversial, but there are options for synthetic diamonds beyond the standard cubic zirconia.

If you have high standards for a diamond but aren’t interested in a natural diamond, you may be just as pleased with a lab diamond, which is designed in a laboratory to replicate the look and chemical composition of a natural diamond.

lab diamond

Lab diamonds have a far smaller carbon footprint on the world than mined diamonds and are equally stunning. They also often come at a more affordable price and can be sold wholesale more easily.

Many great companies offer a free return policy for online shoppers, making them a better place to shop than their stricter counterparts. It’s a good idea to read reviews from people who have returned products. This way, you can monitor how the company handled the situation and see if the buyer ended up happy.

5. Reviews Are Honest, for Better and for Worse

It can be addicting to dial up and read reviews about diamonds and other products and services, both good and bad. For example, when you’re hunting for a new job, sites like Glassdoor can be a goldmine of interesting experiences. The reviews there can even prevent you from taking some jobs entirely.

With online shopping, it’s the same. People tend not to be coy about their experiences with an online vendor. A business’s hope is that people will leave positive reviews about great service as often as they leave horror stories, but that isn’t always the case. Oftentimes, businesses will include a “current featured review” that looks great. But with a little more digging, you’ll find something shady.


Some reviewers even offer personal information for other customers who want more details. If so, you can hop into their inbox and request info. Was their issue resolved? If so, how tactfully? Before “adding to cart,” you are looking for excellent customer service, products that met the store’s promises, and overall satisfaction.

6. You Don’t Want Buyer’s Remorse

Reviews can give you easy access to customer testimonies, which is the best way to prevent buyer’s remorse. It doesn’t take long to realize if the majority of people have a great experience at a shop or a bad one.

One company with consistently excellent customer reviews is Agape Diamonds, a Tampa-based wholesale jewelry company that specializes in lab-created diamonds and ethically sourced Earth-mined diamonds. Agape volunteers time and research into ethical practices for diamond mining—making it an ideal place to shop, especially for people who love diamonds but want them to be ethically sourced.

The Agape simulated diamond is even more remarkable than its expensive counterparts because it’s sourced and sold with integrity. Many customers in Agape Diamonds reviews have noted it to be their favorite place to shop for jewelry online, whether they were shopping for that unforgettable proposal day or other special occasions down the line.