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Lead Generation Trends: Turn Leads into Business Partners

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Lead generation is simple. Anyone with a target audience and access to social media can garner the interest of dozens of people. The real work is in finding good leads, especially when that’s who could turn out to be a big part of your company.

Many top companies are changing how they generate leads. Moreover, they’re changing their approaches to keeping leads interested. Here are the ten steps top companies take to grab their leads and make sure they stick around.


Focus Your Lead Generation Efforts on Worthy Leads

The most important part of lead generation is ensuring that your leads are good. Thoroughly research who you need, and look at demographics that matter.

What do these leads offer your company? There are multiple ways to generate worthy leads, from using social media to going through lead generation programs. The important thing is that you don’t go for the first people you get unless you’re entirely sure they’re what your company needs.

Prove to Them They Need You

When you find your worthy leads, show them they would gain a lot from investing in your company. What do they lack that your company can offer them?

You must show them your value and let your leads see why that’s missing from their business. This step can be difficult with some companies, especially if your lead isn’t the target demographic of your products. If that’s the case, show leads how your product benefits others, and how much money they could make off of that.

Show Interest in Your Leads

Although being aloof is great in romance, in business it can kill. On the other hand, don’t hound your leads. You’ll scare them away, and they’ll stop wanting to do business with you.

When you get inbound sales generated, you have the opportunity to really invest in a potential “good fit” for your product and their needs as a business. Show them your company is interested in them and sees their value. By showing them you’re interested, they’ll feel valued and more likely to want to buy in.

Show Leads Your Company Is Unique

Make it clear why your business stands apart from the rest. Your company has value; it deserves success. Let it be known that you see potential in partnering with to your lead.

Tell them why they would be missing out on what your company could offer if they went with another company. This is the time to set your lead’s expectations.

Offer Incentives

Tell your lead what you can offer them specifically, whether it’s bigger profits, a discounted buy-in, or the opportunity for business ventures other partners don’t get. Explain why they are unique to your company and deserve extras.

If they don’t seem receptive at first, work with them to figure out what will make them interested. Your job is to keep their interest so they’ll see you as their only option.

Demonstrate Potential Growth

How will joining your company help them in the long run? Explain to them how joining in with your company will help their income in the long term.

Make projections for one year, five years, and ten to show you’re committed to their company. This is a step your company should take at the beginning of this process.

Going over the future of your partnership and what you can offer each other is a great way to determine if this lead will work with your company.

Answer All Questions

Be open with your leads about anything they want to know. If they get the impression you’re holding back, or lying, they’ll be less likely to want to do business with you. On the other hand, don’t offer up more information than necessary.

Add Pressure over Time

Inform your lead that you can only make this offer to them for a limited time. Still, offer what you have. Make it clear that your company values them, but that you also are serious about your time and money. Moreover, if they don’t want you, you’ll move on from them. However, don’t be harsh or pressure them too much. That could scare them away.

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Follow up but Don’t Nag

Follow up afterward, but don’t badger them. Let them know you’re interested in them, but don’t call every day. When you follow up, keep it within 48 hours to make sure you’re still fresh in their mind. If you wait longer than that, it can lead to them finding a different company.

Show them you’re still expecting a response from them without seeming needy or overly interested. If they seem to be stringing you along, or making unreasonable requests, drop them. This behavior could be a power move they’re making to get an advantage, and you don’t want to start a partnership on unequal footing.

Keep Supporting Them Afterward

After you’ve sealed the deal, keep up your end of the agreement. The best way to get business is good reviews, so make sure they have a favorable view of your company. Keep your word, and show them your company is serious, even after the acquisition. This lead is now a part of your company, and because of that, you need to take care of them just as you would any business partner.

You see the value in your company. There’s no way you’d be running it if you didn’t. And good leads can change everything, from how much your company is worth to how much revenue your company has to use. The most important thing your company can do is take leads seriously and show them what you can offer them.