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You Need an Electronic Document Management System

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Efficiently managing your company’s documents is critical to success. However, if your company has grown faster than you expected it to, document management might have become problematic. If so, consider adopting an electronic document management system. Such a system will help your business to become more productive, more competitive, and more profitable.


In this article, we look at the benefits and return on investment you can expect from electronic document management software. In addition, we help you decide which solution is best for your company.

What Is a Document Management System and What Does It Do?

While paper documents still fill many a file folder, most businesses no longer rely solely on paper documents. Instead, more and more companies are moving toward digital environments. For these businesses, electronic document management systems improve processes related to the company’s day-to-day workflow.

Electronic document management systems (DMS) consist of software that takes the place of yesteryear’s lowly file clerk. They belong to a class of modern IT solutions for business that ensure better management of a company’s important documents.

With a well-engineered DMS, a company can safely reinvent itself within a fully digital environment. Thereafter, the company’s intellectual property, its historical records, and all its other vital information have a place within the organization’s electronic “brain.” This has the overall effect of providing a more stable work flow and eliminating multiple problems.

Additionally, employees can easily and even instantly access the company’s documents when they need them. An electronic document management system improves the company’s image in the eyes of all of its stakeholders, from its founders through its CEO to the most recently hired contractor.

A Document Management Will Save You Opportunity Costs

An electronic document management system will save your company both time and money.

For example, does this sound familiar?

You’re urgently trying to find an important paper document that has apparently been misfiled. You give up in frustration after a short time and hand the task over to a trusted employee. Hours later, long after your need for it has passed, the document shows up on your desk, thanks to that diligent employee. However, by now, an opportunity has been lost. A potential client has slipped away, never to be heard from again.

With an electronic document management system, you’ll never have to tolerate these sorts of opportunity costs again.

You’ll Save Both Time and Money

It takes time to sort and file paper documents. It takes time to find them again when you need them.

But in today’s world, no business owner has time to waste. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must be nimble. You must be quick on your feet. By storing your company’s documents in a safe digital environment you will have the speed you need to remain competitive in today’s world.

In an electronic document management system, the workflow is speedy and efficient. Each and every document lives in a digital world. Here, it is easy to locate and pull up. You may still want or need to maintain a physical archive of some important documents. However, that file needn’t be a large one.

An electronic process frees your staff up for more worthwhile activities. No longer must they service paper files. Nor must you incur the expense—and risk—of housing and storing paper files.

Additionally, the company will use a minimal amount of paper. This will reduce costs as well as limit the company’s carbon footprint. This is especially critical in today’s business environment, where customers are concerned with protecting the planet—and they spend their dollars accordingly.

While few companies have achieved a “paper-free” status, your company could be on the forefront of using less and less paper as time goes on. Just imagine how much money you could save by going that route!

Documents Will Be More Secure

Documents are more secure in a digital world. In the automated environment of an electronic document management system, documents flow among process participants according to binding procedures. These provisions guarantee swift and accurate processing of documentation and related tasks.

An electronic document management system practically eliminates the risk of losing, damaging, or neglecting important documents. You’ll be able to secure documents against accidental deletion or unauthorized editing. This is because authorized personnel will be able to view and track all changes and modifications users have introduced at any time.

What’s more, in such a system, only authorized users can access particularly sensitive documents. This means your company can maintain confidentiality with regard to intellectual property and other confidential matters.

Which Document Management System Is Right for Your Company?

There are multiple document management systems currently available. Moreover, each represents diverse technological and business approaches.

So how can you select the solution that will best support your company with its everyday workflow? The answer to this question is simple. Webcon offers an electronic document management system worthy of your attention.

The Webcon solution is both simple and elegant. It affords your company a rich functionality that will adjust perfectly to the needs of your business. It is flexible, scalable, and future-proof. This means it will effectively support your company through dynamic growth and change, including your company’s responses to internal changes as well as external factors such as revisions to laws and regulations that affect your business and industry.

As an important side note, it is also easily amenable to regular audits and verifiable reports, thus assuring stakeholders of the company’s impeccable integrity at all times.

Finally, end users will appreciate being able to process and access documents quickly and easily, thanks to the software’s intuitive interface. Its low-code platform allows for swift and efficient development of tailored, easily modifiable, and highly functional business applications for virtually any business scenario. In short, a well-designed electronic digital management system will allow your company to spread its wings and soar.