Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

It has become clear to every marketer just how important video is when it comes to marketing, whether you’re creating B2C or B2B marketing videos. People love videos. Therefore, engagement is quite high when it comes to ads or branding using videos.

Whether it is a video on YouTube, an Instagram story or a Facebook ad, you’ll get good return for your every marketing dollar. But how does this translate to B2B marketing? Businesses don’t really need to be entertained, right? Well, yes they do, sort of.

The reality is that video works well in B2B marketing. Moreover, you can supercharge your return on investment (ROI) by following some of the latest trends. First, use a corporate video production company. Then follow the latest trends.

In this article, we go over some of those trends so you can make sure your B2B marketing videos are hitting all the right notes.


1.  B2B Marketing Videos Must Solve a Problem

People buy products to solve a problem. And the marketing that works best is the kind that shows them that your product is the one that best solves their problem.

It is the same for businesses. Every business has a problem and somebody is tasked with solving that problem. So your B2B marketing video has to start with the simple premise that your company understands the problem best. Then it must follow up with a strong assertion that your company will deliver the ideal solution.

In short, the best B2B marketing videos follow a simple formula.

First, get viewers’ attention by addressing the problem. This will show that your company knows what the other company is going through. This will get their attention right away.

Then, make sure to let the viewer know that you will show them in the video that you have the solution to their problem. Finally, demonstrate how your product or service is exactly the right solution.

You don’t need to go over a bunch of specs. You simply need to let the viewer imagine how their problem will be solved by using what you are offering.

2. Make an Emotional Case

Try to remember that an actual person who either owns or is working for a business is going to be watching your B2B marketing video. And also remember that people are emotional creatures.

Most purchases are made not through logic, but by way of emotional responses.

When you understand that this is also the case for the viewer of your video, then it becomes clear that you need to ensure an emotional connection to your brand or business. Video is the perfect vehicle for that.

You don’t have to focus on direct sales for this to be effective. That’s because when it is done right it will drive loyalty to your business. What’s more, it will end up creating a relationship that brings in sales over a long period of time.

3. Tell a Story with Your B2B Marketing Videos

Promotional videos have long been boring and uninspiring. Most of them talk about their business and end up looking like self-promotion rather than something that is helpful to the viewer.

These days, not only does your B2B marketing video need to show that you are going to solve the business’s problem, but you need to wrap it up in an interesting story. To truly be effective, marketing videos of all stripes need to capture the viewer’s attention. Simply highlighting your product’s specs is not going to do that.


Find a relevant human interest angle to use in your B2B marketing videos. This will make your videos more interesting, viewers will be more engaged, and you will enjoy more sales.