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Leverage Amazon Customer Reviews to Sell More Products

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One single Amazon product review can increase sales by 10%, while 200 Amazon customer reviews can increase sales by up to 44%. Suddenly, the thought of encouraging and leveraging reviews seems well worth the effort.

The biggest reason for this dramatic increase in sales is because reviews significantly influence buying decisions. They act as “proof” of product and cement brand trust for consumers who are on the fence.

In fact, 70% of consumers will consider reviews and ratings before they make a purchase decision. Moreover, at least 41% will read between four and seven reviews to gain insights on a product.

Think about it: imagine you’re in need of a new blender and you’re stuck between two that seem similar. One has a ton of positive customer reviews while the other has none. Which one is most appealing? If you’re like the majority of other consumers, you’ll almost certainly go for the one with the reviews.

But if you want to increase sales, it’s not enough to rake in the reviews, sit back, and hope for the best. Instead, you can leverage these important elements of the buying cycle to encourage even more sales.

Here’s how:

1. Respond to Amazon Customer Reviews

Reviews are an essential way to build trust with potential buyers. They provide much-needed proof and peace of mind that your products are as stated. Also, they also provide the perfect way to build connections with your customers and nurture relationships with them.

When you respond to Amazon customer reviews, customers understand that you’re listening to them and are open to a two-way dialogue. Reviews aren’t just a one-way void of feedback. Instead, they present an opportunity to converse with shoppers and find out what their experience is like with your store.

The key is to respond to reviews. At we encourage our clients to respond to all reviews, positive and negative. This propels the value of positive sentiment and truncates any negative sentiment before it manifests and expands. In fact, it is often possible to turn negative reviews into positive with quick, valuable, responses.

Your response to a review triggers and automatic response from Amazon that notifies customers who have left responses and continues the conversations they have started. This establishes a human connection between brand and buyer. This is vital for turning one-time buyers into loyal customers.

A customer is more likely to come back and buy from you again if they feel like they have a relationship with you. And responding to their reviews is a low-effort, easy way to do this.

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On the flipside, prospects who see you responding to reviews even if they haven’t left one themselves will have more trust for you as a brand. Therefore, they are more likely to buy from you.

2. Improve Your Products

The better your products are, the more sales you’ll make. It’s as simple as that.

If customers know you’re working hard to give them products they love, they’re going to keep coming back for more. What’s more, they will recommend you to their friends and family.

You can use Amazon customer reviews as vital feedback for improving your products. This shows that you have your customers’ best interests at heart and are dedicated to providing excellent products. Moreover, it will show them that you actually listen to them and value their opinions.

Again, this will build brand trust and ensure you’re putting your customers first. This is crucial in today’s ecommerce landscape that often prioritizes quick sales over customer relationships.

For example, if you get a lot of reviews about how long shipping takes, can you improve that? Or if you notice an influx of comments about a missing feature of one of your products, is there a way you can incorporate it?

This also proves to future buyers that you’re open to accommodating their needs. This will again foster and cement brand trust and buyer confidence.

3. Share Amazon Customer Reviews on Social Media

Don’t just let your Amazon customer reviews sit and gather dust on their relevant product pages. Share them far and wide to increase your visibility and reach new buyers in different corners of the Internet.

Linking to your products via reviews on social media is a great way to do this. These are the platforms your prospects are already hanging out on, and showing up where they already are is a great way to insert yourself into the conversation and bring their attention to your products.

Sharing reviews is a form of sharing user-generated content, which performs particularly well on social media. Consumers are tired of seeing well-polished images and messages from brands in their feeds. Instead they crave peer reviews and stories from their fellow shoppers.

And, with more companies than ever implementing user-generated content, like reviews across their marketing strategy, you’ll be left behind if you don’t join them. What’s more, it’s one of the most effective ways customers discover new products.

You can simply share reviews with a link to the relevant product, create Instagram review images, or even create short videos that spotlight positive product reviews.

4. Include Reviews in Your Product Descriptions

Sometimes, shoppers won’t scroll all the way down your Amazon product page to get to the reviews. If they don’t, they end up just seeing an arbitrary star rating with none of the important details.

To avoid this, incorporate some of your best reviews into your product listings to provide a customer-focused perspective of your products. Remember to keep these up-to-date as well, so you’re showcasing the latest opinions customers have of your products.

Not only do Amazon customer reviews on product pages increase conversions, but they are also great for increasing Amazon SEO. Reviews are one of the most important factors in Amazon’s search algorithm. This means the more positive reviews you have, the higher up your products are likely to show in search results. 

5. Use Reviews in Product Ads

Running product ads on Amazon or on external platforms like Facebook and Google is an effective way to raise awareness of your product and attract shoppers that are in “buy mode.”

Supercharge these ads by incorporating customer reviews.

Whether you’re running an Amazon headline ad or an ad on Facebook, integrating positive reviews will increase the conversion rate. Studies show that doing so can increase click-through rates by four times as much. Moreover, it can drop cost-per-click by 50% compared to ads that don’t.

6. Feature Amazon Customer Reviews on Other Marketing Channels

Utilize the Amazon customer reviews you get as much as you can. This might mean sharing them via your email marketing campaigns, publishing them on your own website, or using them in other digital materials.

Sprinkling reviews throughout the sales cycle creates trust-boosting touch points that will drive shoppers toward the sale.

The great thing about Amazon customer reviews is that they can be used to enhance your marketing materials pretty much everywhere:

  • Incorporate them into your transactional emails to provide peace of mind and direct buyers to future product recommendations
  • Share them in email marketing campaigns to drive click-throughs
  • Scatter them around your own website, from the homepage to landing pages, product pages, and the checkout, to continue to build trust throughout the sales cycle


7. Create Rich Snippets for Google

Google loves sharing search results that have reviews. It proves that customers like the product and adds an extra element of trust. Not only this, but search results that include reviews stand out against ones that don’t.

To make sure your product pages show up in search results with their reviews attached, mark your reviews up properly in HTML so that they’re easily readable by search engine crawlers. This will automatically create eye-catching rich snippets that capture the attention of shoppers on Google.

Amazon customer reviews are incredibly important today in light of how much competition is out there. Not only do reviews help you improve your search rankings both on Amazon and Google, but they also build trust and create an enjoyable customer experience.

Leverage your customer reviews by sharing them, responding to them, and incorporating them into your other marketing materials throughout the sales cycle. Do this, and you’ll increase the number of products you sell.

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