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Working from Home? Improve Productivity and Motivation

Are you working from home for the first time? With the Covid-19 outbreak, people across the world were forced to adopt telecommuting quickly. Sure, working from home has several advantages, like not wasting any time on the daily commute or spending money on transportation costs. But that doesn’t mean working remotely is a breeze for everyone.

Earlier, you were used to working in a professional setup, where you were directly or indirectly motivated by your coworkers and supervisors. Feeling the same level of productivity at home with toddlers or pets running around may not be easy at first. But it’s certainly achievable.

In this post, we share some effective tips to find productivity when working at home. Take a look.


1. Don’t Work on the Bed

You won’t feel motivated if you decide to work on your bed. Apart from that, your mind will start associating the bed as a place of work, and you won’t be able to rest properly. It would be best to work in another room in your home or at least set up a work desk in a separate corner.

2. Set up a Home Office

Do you have a garden shed or a spare room? You can set up a home office in this space. Start by decluttering the room and discarding every unnecessary thing. Natural light does wonders for your productivity and mood. So you should hire Guy Roofing to replace old windows and allow maximum sunlight in your home office.

3. Install Good Lighting

Working in dim light can strain your eyes and cause headaches. When you’re setting up your home office, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. If the room doesn’t have many windows, you should install lights to ensure proper visibility.

4. Get a Quality Work Chair for Working from Home

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is one of the most common reasons for back and neck pain. Save yourself aches and pains by purchasing an ergonomic chair. A high-quality chair with good back support will make sure you’re working comfortably while you’re at home.

5. Follow a Regular Schedule When You’re Working from Home

When you’re not obligated to reach your workplace at a specific time, you may resort to waking up late and working late into the night. This can completely throw off your motivation. Try your best to stick to your usual schedule even when you’re working from home. In other words, wake up early and finish your work at a reasonable time.

6. Dress for Work When You’re Working from Home

As you’re working from home, you may think, “What’s the point of dressing up or even showering?” But these simple habits get you in a productive mindset. So take a shower, get out of your PJ’s, and have breakfast or a cup of coffee before starting work.

7. Take Breaks

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can keep going without any breaks. Taking frequent breaks is necessary to revitalize your mind and body. Also, don’t work more than you usually do. Stick to your normal work routine.

8. Play White Noise

Whether you live with a loud family or in an eerily quiet neighborhood, either of those scenarios can disturb your focus. You can play music while you’re working in your home office. Or head over to websites that replicate the white noise of offices.

9. Stop Scrolling

When you need a break from work, avoid mindlessly scrolling through your social media. Instead, get up and take a walk in your house or step outside for some fresh air.

10. Create a Coffee Station

Create a coffee and snack station in your house to encourage yourself to take breaks. This will make working from home feel a little more like your old office setting.

If You’re Struggling While Working from Home Ask for Help

During these uncertain times, everyone is struggling in one way or another. Remember to be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. If you’re still struggling with productivity while working from home, it’s a good idea to speak to your manager about it.