55 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Here are 55 Real Estate Social Media Posts that will drive more engagement, increase brand awareness, and help you to sell more houses! 

Many underestimate the power of social media, but when it comes to selling real estate exposure is key! Before we dive deep into these social media ideas, be sure you know who your target market it. 

Target market research is not only important to your success, but it will also help you to avoid many mistakes ahead of time. 

If you want to know how you can create your own social media graphics, Canva is the best affordable option. As a cloud-based app, you can access it from anywhere when you have Wifi and creative ideas are endless! 

Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Just Listed 

This real estate post should a given and on the top of your social media list! When listing your homes, be sure to include enough information to have them intrigued. Use photos that showcase the inside and outside, along with good lighting, and some neighborhood features. Also, at least list the price range to keep your warm list as accurate as possible. 

Homeowner Tips 

Share homeowner tips that are helpful during the buying, selling, and moving process. This list can create tons of social media ideas where realtors will always know what to post. 

For example, showcase home upgrades that bring in more money, how to get approved for loans, why being pre-approved is a good idea, etc. 

Featured Home of the Week 

You can share listings as they come, but be sure to feature a home of the week. Ideally, this will be a high-end property with lots to be desired. Show multiple photos of even a home tour. 

Showcase a Team Member 

If you work with a company such as Remax or Keller Williams where you have a full team, be sure to feature them. This not only gives your business more brand awareness, but social media audiences love to see content outside of what you are trying to sell. Plus, it lets them get to know who you have working for you. 

Ideas to include for team members: 

Start date, experience, hobbies, a fun fact that most don’t know, family details, favorite food, etc. 

Pose with the new homeowners

Don’t let this photo op pass you by. Pose with them outside of their newly purchased home. Other ideas to include are signage for just sold, champagne toast, or even balloons. All of the suggestions will jazz up your social media, not only for your audience, but you can outshine your competitors. 

Buying Anniversary 

Anytime you post to Facebook, it reminds you that you have “Memories” that you can share. These make great posts for #throwbackthursdays (#TBT) or just something sentimental to add to your page. Be sure to tag those homeowners, because this will get you more exposure with their audience as well as building rapport for lasting relationships. 

Client Closing 

Signing the paperwork is so exciting for both parties, so why not show that off! Take photos during the closing at the table! Another idea is taking photos with the owners holding their keys. Be sure to tag the local attorney office, along with others who helped along the way.

a house with a for sale sign in the front with sold written over it.

Just Sold 

Be sure to get several photos of you and/or your team holding signage for just sold. Use your brand colors and caption how exciting the moment is for everyone. 

Virtual Home Tours 

People love being able to tour the home from their couch. Use Zillow’s 3D tool to create your virtual home tour. Be sure to share on all of your platforms that allow video! 

Client Testimonial 

It’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back! Create a graphic and spruce it up to really showcase your client’s testimonials. You can pull these from Google, Facebook, or even handwritten cards or notes that clients may send you. You can also have your clients to record a video testimonial which all of your social fans will fall in love with. 

More Real Estate Posts You May Like:


Don’t skip the opportunity for some fun. While the national holidays are a given, you can always celebrate National Taco Day, Wife Appreciation Day, and World Smile Day. This may sound silly, but these posts really get users engaging, especially when it has to do with pets and kids. Visit National Day Calendar to view a HUGE list of holidays. 


We all know people LOVE free! Knowing who your target market is and catering to them will help this campaign be successful. Be sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines. Ideas for Giveaways could include gift cards, seasonal baskets, an experience gift, spa packages, etc. 


No birthday should go uncelebrated! Share with your followers whose birthday it is and how everyone is celebrating as a team. 

Office Anniversaries 

Highlight anniversaries and include the realtor’s milestones and successes since starting with your company 

Most Expensive Listings 

Even if they can’t afford it, homebuyers love to dream and get the inside scoop on the champagne lifestyle. Posting expensive houses is mainly for engagement purposes but it’s also really fun.

infographic with data

Housing Market Information 

While this info may seem boring to some, it really shows off your expertise and gives the proof that you really know stuff, which is what your potential clients are looking for. Create a captivating graphic to grab their attention and actually read the caption. 

New Team Member 

Show off your new hires by posting their headshots and just a little bio about them. You can always tell how they will be an asset to your team. 

Community Events 

This is a no brainer. Anytime you have a booth set up at a local event or are sponsoring something in your city, share it! It’s a proven statistic that audiences love community involvement. 

Awards and Certifications 

Don’t post all of these gems at once. Depending on the size of your team and how long you have been a real estate agent or broker you could have a ton of accomplishments under your belt. Show the award or certification and what it takes in order to be eligible to receive it. 

Open Houses

Always keep your followers updated on open houses ahead of time and post several hours the day of. You can even go live on Facebook while the open house is actually in progress.  

Supporting Local Business 

Whether this is the contractors or property management company you use or the people you call when it comes to your own home, highlight those companies. Most of them will always return the favor.

Blog Post 

Share a blog post that is really helpful to readers. Even if they aren’t in the market for a new home now, the more free valuable content you share, the more they will remember you in the future. 


This is just for fun! Share a fact about real estate or even local facts. People will chime in and engage, which in turn gets your brand in front of more people. 

Quote Inspirational quotes are perfect for #mondaymotivation! Anything inspiring is always nice to see. PRO TIP: Share from another account that is larger than yours, it will perform better most of the time. 


Ask your audience questions in the form of which would you choose? Or do you prefer this or that? These options are endless when it comes to real estate. 


I mean who doesn’t love a good joke? Use the hashtag #FridayFunny and it will fit right into your content calendar. Hunt for tasteless real estate humor or just share something hilarious that has happened to you during your realtor career. 

Company News 

If you work for a larger company such as Remax, Coldwell Banker, or Keller Williams, send positive vibes! Share what’s happening outside of your local branch.


Everyone loves memes! If you can’t find something that fits just right you can always make your own with a meme generator that looks exactly like the ones you see on Google. 


Invite your followers into your personal life. Share your hobbies, family vacations, part of your home, etc. Your audience isn’t following a company in their minds, they are following your personality. 


Polls are a great tool to increase engagement. They take less than 2 seconds to participate in and so many want to see what others say. To relate it back to real estate, you could say Do you prefer a two-story home or one? True or False, location is really important to me when purchasing a home. You get the idea! 


Let’s test their knowledge. Set up a quiz about the housing market, your local area, or any other fun topic that you think would resonate with your audience. 

Neighborhood Features 

Most realtors forget this portion when it comes to social media. Instead of posting a listing, take photos around the area and highlight specific neighborhoods and what they are known for. This is especially great for people moving to the area that aren’t familiar. 

First Time Homebuyer Tips 

Purchasing your first home is a milestone and super overwhelming for most! Be sure you cater to this market too! Give them solid, informative information along with the do’s and don’ts.

Decoration Inspiration 

Your profile is going to grow when you give decoration inspiration a whirl! These are great when it comes to seasonal decorating too! Many people cannot visualize concepts, so when you share all your modern chic farmhouse photos, they are going to fall in love. 


GIFs are moving images that will definitely stop the scroll. Incorporate these into your personal content along with curated ones. You know like the Friends GIFs or even The Office. 


You can take Boomerangs on Facebook and Instagram and publish instantly or save for later. These are great ideas when you are staging, cheering after closing, and when showing a home. Just something that gets a little more attention than a static photo.

Facebook Lives

Did you know that Facebook automatically notifies your followers when you go live? These tend to do really well! 

Before and After Staging Photos 

Come on, who doesn’t love a transformation? This also can be used to showcase your staging services if you offer them. 

Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips 

Again, free valuable content. That’s what builds trust and lasting relationships. Give out all of the free tips you can. Plus, homebuyers love a home that has been kept up. 

Design Tips for Remodeling

A large percentage of homeowners report that the only reason they remodel is that they are thinking about selling in the future. This is the perfect time to educate them on the design that will get the most for their money.

graphic showing an idea for real estate social media posts by using a graph

Graphs or Charts of Your Success Rate 

Visuals always attract more attention. Put together a pie chart or line graph that shows off your success. You can easily do this in Canva.

Calendar of Events 

Each month post a calendar of events that includes community functions, scheduled open houses, and other festivals that may be happening locally.

Behind the Scenes 

Average individuals have no clue what goes on behind the scenes in real estate. Show them! This also gives them the sense that they are an insider and you are sharing with them first! 


Don’t miss the opportunity to show off that you just sold your 100th home, or your company has been in business for 40 years. By doing this, you are giving yourself more creditability.

Charitable Causes 

Millennials report that they are more likely to choose someone’s product or service when they know that they give back to a greater purpose. Also, ask your audience what their favorite charity is.

Price Reductions 

When a listing gets stale, and you decide to reduce the price, be sure to update and repost that listing! 

Host a Q and A session

Offering your time for free is a BIG deal. Lots of potential clients have questions no matter what industry it is. Plan ahead of time for this session and post often to make sure everyone can save the date. Facebook also allows Pop Up groups, which would be perfect for this sort of thing.

Moving Checklist 

Not only is this super helpful, but you can also gain leads by getting people on your email list. Don’t give this one away without getting the email address first, simply show a preview to entice readers. 

Team Outings

Team culture is huge, and not just for your team. Communities love seeing how much companies value their employees. By hosting a team retreat or family outing makes for a good vibe and a great social media opportunity.

Trending Now 

Share what trends are on the rise when it comes to what home buyers are looking for. This can include color schemes, styles of homes, square footage, and the type of property.


Another fun idea just to get people talking! Some popular trivia ideas are decades, Disney, local trivia, TV shows, Movies, Music, and holiday themes.

Client Closing Gifts 

If you aren’t offering your clients gifts, you should. I mean who doesn’t love a nice surprise! Take a picture with the homeowners receiving it or have them video themselves when they open it later.

Renter Tips 

Renters typically turn to buyers at some point, so don’t leave them out when it comes to tips and tricks! 

Insurance Advice

Pretty sure everyone dreads the thought of insurance in any setting. While this is boring and dreaded, it’s very important. Share local agencies that you work with, special offers that you know of, or just your personal experience. 

Home Technology

This is another big topic that literally everyone is looking into. Shed some light on the latest technology that can be installed in your home.

These real estate social media posts are a sure-fire way to jumpstart your presence online! Another key takeaway is to make sure you are posting consistency to social media. By being consistent, Facebook will show you posts to more people. Also, if people are asking questions, don’t forget to respond back!