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Components of JavaScript Every Programmer Should Know

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Every programmer must understand some concepts in JavaScript if they want to succeed. What’s more, there are plenty of great things about this coding language.

For example, there are no prerequisites for getting started. Moreover, as compared with other programming languages like C++, Ruby, and Python, JavaScript is one of the easier languages to learn.

So if you’re planning to hire a developer or a team of programmers to help you with developing a product for your business, you might want to make sure they know something about this important coding language. Below is a brief primer to give you the basics.


Understand JavaScript Classes

In JavaScript, as in other coding languages, classes are a template for creating objects. Programmers use classes to define function expressions or function declarations.

Developers first introduced JavaScript classes in ES6. The benefits of JavaScript classes are:

  • They are in language that’s familiar to people from class-based language backgrounds
  • They offer self-contained and convenient syntax
  • And they are easy to emulate

Perform Basic Calculations

Because Javascript acts as a client-side technology, it’s fairly easy to do basic calculations through the browser. Therefore, the browser doesn’t have to ask for basic calculations with each task.

This becomes particularly important when users will be performing certain tasks multiple times. Without this benefit, users could become frustrated and quit because of how long each task would take.

Implement the EventBus

The EventBus utility provides two different methods, called publishEvent and subscribeEvent. Each key has an array of “listeners” as its values. A “listener” is a procedure that waits for an event to occur. When an event occurs, this triggers a response from that event’s listeners.

Gain Better Control over Your Browser

One of the things that distinguishes JavaScript as a unique and fun language is the fact that you can use it to better control your browser. When you use JavaScript for your browser, it will provide you with additional functionalities. For example, you can lower the network traffic and server load, which improves your experience.

Set the IIFE for More Data Privacy

The IIFE function, once it is set, runs automatically and defines the scope of a particular function.

Some programmers can find IFFE (pronounced “iffy”) confusing at first. However, with a little bit of practice, most get the hang of it.

Function declarations provide a way to name the functions in JavaScript. One of the key things to remember with JavaScript functions, however, is that they will return values behind them.

IIFE is a critical function in JavaScript because it provides greater data privacy, and this is important to users.

Generate HTML Content Using JavaScript

Finally, programmers need to understand how to use JavaScript to generate HTML content. This allows you to generate dynamic content for the Internet. Some of the things JavaScript can do include:

  • Tables
  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Links

Global object in JavaScript means that the object exists on a global scale. When you use JavaScript, you will always need to define a global object based on what is most useful.

Learning to Use These JavaScript Components Will Help Any Programmer

Hopefully, by using some of these components a programmer will learn to use the software better. Certainly, mastering these components will make anyone a better programmer.

However, in addition to learning this important programming language, using a content platform like Contentful with JavaScript attached can help your business immensely. Contentful allows you the ability to control all content from a single hub. This allows you to work efficiently and effectively.