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The Complete Guide to Building a Winning SEO Strategy in 2020

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There are several steps in creating a winning SEO strategy in 2020.

Search engine optimization, or SEO is the process of planning, outlining, and implementing a series of steps to improve your online search rankings. But before you can deploy your winning SEO strategy, there are several crucial steps you need to follow.

A successful plan for SEO must include several functional pillars in order to maximize your results. While the specific steps to develop your SEO strategy will dependent on your specific goals, there are several universal processes you can follow. Moreover, you can lean on the expert opinions of SEO specialists compiled in one detailed SEO learning guide which will definitely help with your SEO strategy. If you are interested in how to stay on top of search in 2020, read on for the complete guide to building a successful SEO strategy this year.

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

The first step to enhancing your SEO strategy is to analyze your competitors’ performance. There are dozens of ways to execute a winning SEO strategy. Therefore, it is essential to study your industry competition to learn from their successful processes. Set key benchmarks regarding the backlinks, content, and keywords that other companies are targeting. Then, attempt to identify the strongest and weakest areas of their SEO efforts.

Utilize this information to capitalize in areas where your competitors haven’t yet. Even after you have refined your strategy, you should regularly perform competitor analyses to consistently improve your performance. If you are unfamiliar on how to do so, look into additional resources. As you look to build your SEO efforts, you need to conduct an advanced competitor analysis.


Build Links to Your Pages to Win the SEO Game

To improve the performance of your SEO strategy, you need to build backlinks to your page. There are several popular methodologies for link building to enhance your SEO. Commonly, marketing professionals build links through broken link building, competitor analysis, or outreach methodologies. Following one of these critical methods, there are several places you can potentially integrate backlinks to your content.

Contact other high-traffic websites to find out about their outreach, sponsorship, and link placement opportunities. You can even look for blogs that allow you to participate in promotional guest posting. To increase the performance and profitability of your SEO marketing efforts, consistently look for ways to build links to your pages.

Optimize Your Onsite SEO

You need to look for ways to optimize your onsite SEO in order to develop a successful strategy. There are several comprehensive factors that contribute to your onsite search engine optimizations. Historically, many marketing professionals have focused heavily on on-page factors associated with keywords. However, there are several additional on-page optimization factors that are non-keyword-related.

First, you need to focus on both your internal and external links. Whenever possible, link to other high-traffic, relevant pages to improve your ranking. At the same time, you should additionally optimize the length of your content. In many cases, content that is longer often ranks higher. But keep in mind it also cannot appear to be bulky, unorganized, or overwhelming. To separate long, complex content or blog posts, you can strategically use headings or other multimedia elements.

Enhance Your Keyword Placement

You need to improve your keyword placement to build a winning SEO strategy. Strategic keyword placement is critical to ensure that high-traffic search engines understand what topics and phrases you are targeting.

At a minimum, your keywords should be included in your article titles and page URLs. These are some of the most critical areas search engines will analyze when crawling your site. Simultaneously, you should use your targeted keywords within your H1 tag, metadata, and the first hundred words of your content. This way, high-traffic search engines like Google can immediately get an understanding of what your content is about.

Other marketing professionals additionally recommend frequently infusing potential keywords within all uploaded image file names and various alternate text tags.

Monitor New Keywords and Changing Search Intent

As you look to enhance the performance of your SEO strategy, you need to constantly monitor new keyword opportunities. This is partly because searchers change their reasons for seeking out your site. This phenomenon is often referred to as “search intent.”


Identifying new opportunities is an essential way to make your online business more successful. Therefore, after publishing your content, be sure to routinely track how it is ranking in SERP’s. At the same time, identify what keywords you are ranking for. Then adjust your subheadings, text, and content to capitalize on that new keyword ranking

Simply adding more editorial value to existing, published content can give you a significant boost in search rankings. Be sure to fact check any outdated information or statistics. At the same time, add additional sections and data to help your post gain more referral traffic.

Find Your Favorite SEO Tool to Nail Your SEO KPI’s and Win at SEO

To do most of what’s written in this SEO guide, you’re going to need an SEO tool. We recommend Ubersuggest. This is a powerful tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas, tracking the top SEO pages, and monitoring critical backlink data. Utilize this tool to identify the volume, competition, or even seasonal trends for various keywords you are considering targeting.

After entering your seed keyword, you can immediately return results based on what people are searching on popular search engines. You can even access SEO page reports to discover how your competitors are ranking for specific phrases that you are targeting. This way, you can ensure that you are not wasting time writing content that people do not want to read. Lastly, you can use Ubersuggest’s site analyzer to work on your onsite SEO and optimize your site for Google’s search engine.

Build Your SEO Strategy to Climb The SERP’s and Win

There are several critical steps to build a winning SEO strategy in 2020. For modern companies, SEO is a vital part of your business operations. First, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors. Additionally, look for ways to optimize your onsite SEO.  At the same time, you need to strategically improve the placement of keywords that you are targeting.


Moreover, constantly monitor new keyword opportunities and changing search intent. To streamline the efficiency of all these efforts, you should consider using a powerful, freemium keyword research tool like Ubersuggest.

Follow the points outlined above and build your winning SEO strategy in 2020.