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3 Ways to Raise a Junior Entrepreneur

Featured photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

In this post, we offer three suggestions for fostering a promising future for the junior entrepreneur in your life.

Are You the Parent of a Junior Entrepreneur?

You work hard for your family, and naturally you want the best for them.

So when it comes to your children, you want to make sure they have the best possible start in life. You want to set them up for the future.

Whether they have a budding business mind destined to innovate, or they’re a bright spark with a pioneering future ahead, an entrepreneurial mindset will help your child succeed whatever they decide to do in life.

These are just three ways you can nurture your junior entrepreneur’s future ambitions.

1. Support Your Junior Entrepreneur’s Education 

Every parent wants their child to do well in school, and the best thing you can for your junior entrepreneur do is encourage them.

It’s important to get the balance right between supporting your child and putting too much pressure on them. To avoid the latter, don’t jump to conclusions about what they’re doing or how they need to improve. Instead, check in with them and ask them what help they need from you.


But if your ambitious youngster aspires in the direction of business, they’ll need a good education to give them the best head start possible.

And if they need a little extra support, why not invest in a tutor? The company known as Teachers To Your Home offers assistance for a range of subjects at all levels, from primary school to A-Level and beyond. Plus, they offer flexible tutoring sessions that are sure to support the development of any junior entrepreneur.

2. Help Your Children Grow as People

Entrepreneurs, whether junior or adult, should be well-rounded individuals with life experiences and strong connections. While good qualifications are important, they are not all your children will need as they mature into fully functioning adults.

Therefore, encourage them toward experiences and activities that will enable them to build necessary skills and form friendships.

Scouts, Brownies, and Guides are all great extracurricular opportunities for children to spend time with others their age. They’ll get to try things outside of their comfort zone and learn new skills, including interaction and teamwork.

Alternatively, why not help them find a new hobby, such as learning to play a musical instrument or new sport? Pastimes such as these can teach your child focus and dedication, and will be hugely rewarding as they improve.


3. Teach Them Responsibility

Responsibility is a concept that every child has to learn at some point in life. And how they come to understand it will play a huge role in how they approach it in the future.

Positive reinforcement is a great way to teach your child to become more responsible. For instance, giving your junior entrepreneur chores around the house in return for pocket money is a great way for them to learn that responsibility can be satisfying and pay off.

Of course, it’s important for them to understand failure, too. When your child experiences failure, discuss it openly with them. Talk with them about what they can do to improve in the future. A frank discussion during which you encourage them to look within themselves for ways to improve can inspire them to do better. Similarly, when they succeed, reinforce the idea that their success is truly theirs, as it is a result of their own hard work.


Whether the junior human in your life ends up going the way of the entrepreneur or heads off in another direction as an adult, these three tips are sure to set them up with skills for life.