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4 Tips: Make Work from Home Easy-Breezy for Employees

Featured photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Amidst coronavirus lockdown, the business world realized what “work from home” actually feels like. Global companies with various regional offices already knew the taste of remote working. And those who didn’t have this experience before ended up searching Remote management: Taking your team from “getting by” to thriving  because that’s how chaotic things got.


To be honest, running a business while being away from your team is not easy. There are miscommunications, lack of adequate resources, breakage in collaborations, and misunderstandings. And businesses have faced this all during the COVID-19 period! Now, when things seem to be getting normal and businesses are opening, we can’t forget that we still don’t have any vaccine!

The world has faced one of the worst economic slumps, and we don’t know, another might be on the way. So, while we have got some gist of relief (we don’t know for how long!), it is time that we restructure our business model so that work from home doesn’t remain a headache for employees and a setback for the business. You never know. A second wave might be on the way!

Here are given some tips and tricks that can make work from home easy-breezy:

Digital Adoption Is a Necessity

Work from home wasn’t possible if there wasn’t anything like digital gadgets, internet, and other digital communication platforms. But though we all knew that IT is a thing, not everyone was prepared to use it to the fullest. That’s where the difference in survival emerged! Those companies that have enabled digital penetration in their system managed to develop fast and better solutions for their team. In contrast, others had to see many failures in their system and, obviously, growth.


When we are trying to adapt ourselves to the ‘new normal,’ it is time that we also make the digital adoption part of this new phase. For example, don’t let AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cloud database buzz words for your company; incorporate them in your system. To know more, you can check here What are Cloud-Native Databases and Why Should You Use Them?

Reshaping Organizational Structure for Better

During the remote working period, one thing that businesses have realized for sure is that they need to trust in the abilities and decision-making power of their employees. There were times when every team had to make a quick decision because there wasn’t any time to patch up a quick meeting. The crisis situation has given a new concept: an employee-surrounded organizational structure. Now it is time that this forced change should become part of the system. No more corporate bureaucracy, and strict hierarchical system. Give your employees confidence, checked-liberty, and a boost to their decision-making ability.

A Twist in the Operational System

We have seen a rise in the need for new product demand and supply systems. Some companies managed to evolve quickly with this changed scenario, and they survived. While those that failed to cope up with this new situation faced dire consequences. But now, when businesses are slowly coming back from the virtual world to the physical world, it is time to think: How to make our operational system better?

Because we don’t know how long this situation will remain normal and when will we be again shoved to the abnormal condition. So it is time that businesses start finding ways or sticking to the newly adopted operational ways that are more resilient, compact, and quick-to-respond to any possible future shock.

Think About New Ways of Growth

Surviving, thriving, and bouncing back from a financial crisis situation is not easy. Companies are shut down; they have to send their employees home for an unseen period, while others are hardly managing to keep things intact. In this turbulent situation, businesses can’t stay still and stick to previous growth patterns. Slow and steady wins the race, but today’s race is not for slow movers. Come out and think of new ways of growth that can support your dropping revenue to keep on thriving.

This is important to live in a world where we are living with coronavirus without any vaccine. And we even don’t know how it can mutate to create more havoc! So instead of seeing your business take a dip, lift your system to stay winning in remote working as well.