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If you are an online business owner, then you understand how important it is to provide support for various payment methods on your billing page. Variable options and support for numerous popular wallets and authorized payment methods will make your services easier to access by a wide class of interested customers.

With every major tech company branching out to other sectors of the online market, there are several hundred online payment services available locally and internationally. For this reason, it would be impossible to integrate payment methods for all the potential services your customers might use and still receive timely payments to keep your business afloat.

Therefore, for your clients’ convenience and your business’s survival, we recommend choosing payment methods that are universal. You don’t want to have to protract your income out over multiple platforms and services, nor do you have to include every single payment service. Just pick a handful of popular local and international payment methods.


The following payment methods should be on your billing page:

PayPal Is Popular Among Online Customers

PayPal is the largest and most successful Internet payment platform, with more than 305 million active users worldwide and still growing. It is available in more than 202 countries and supports withdrawal in 52 different currencies. PayPal charges users no maintenance fee, only transactional fees, and you can link it directly to your bank account.

This payment method is completely safe, and it safeguards buyers’ information at all times. However, PayPal is not the best choice for some online businesses because of its stringent verification and security policies. Most businesses experience delays, suspensions, and even bans when they first start out with this payment method.

Direct Bank Transfers Are Safe and Reliable

Though this payment method has been around for a while, it is by far the most secure transfer method you and your customers could choose. It’s still widely used by multiple online businesses and industries.

The best example is the online casino industry, where instant banking is still a highly popular payment method. You can even find instant bank transfer casinos that offer bank wires as their primary deposit and withdrawal method.

Direct bank transfers might not be the easiest option in this line-up of payment methods, but they are the most inclusive. All online shoppers or service users have a bank account, even if they don’t have a PayPal or Apple Pay. What’s more, it’s universal, and it ensures you don’t lose business.

Stripe Is User-Friendly

Stripe is another user-friendly, multi-tiered payment method, just like PayPal. It charges no fees for membership or maintenance, only for transactions. Unlike Paypal, however, it is marketed more toward businesses. It comes with advanced features such as custom payment solutions and plans, a fraud-management tool called Stripe radar, and virtual and physical cards for employee expenses.

Amazon Pay Is an Easy-to-Use Payment Method

Amazon pay stands apart from most payment methods we’ve talked about because of how intuitive it is. It is easy to use, both for customers and for business owners. It plugs in directly to your website and allows users to pay directly for digital and physical goods. 

Moreover, the payment processing is instant, and it can access thousands of websites. So you don’t have to worry about support. They also have an intuitive interface that makes settling disputes like refunds and canceling services stress-free.

Braintree Targets Mobile Users

Braintree is a payment method targeted at mobile users. It’s designed to be quick, safe, and affordable. It was created by the minds behind PayPal, and it is ideal for companies that provide physical and digital goods. It is just as safe as PayPal. What’s more, business owners can integrate it with all the most popular wallet services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo. You can also set it up with debit and credit cards.

It’s great for businesses because it can transfer money in large currencies seamlessly, and it’s not as strict as PayPal.

Google Pay and Apple Pay Are Among the Newest of Payment Methods

Google Pay and Apple Pay are on this list because they are popular, easy to use (for users), and safe. They both use biometric authentication to process transactions and they do not disclose the client’s personal information. They can be connected to debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts.

Choose the Payment Methods That Work Best for You and Your Online Customers

In order to have a widely accessible online business, you don’t have to include every single payment service. Just pick a handful of popular local and international payment methods.