Bubble Mailers

4 Reasons Shipping Products in Bubble Mailers Makes Sense

Featured image by Mdbildes from Shutterstock

Bubble mailers are one of the most effective shipping solutions that can protect your business’s products. They are puncture-resistant envelopes with two layers of bubble wrap lining inside them. That makes them an excellent choice for shipping different kinds of products, such as books, small electronics, jewelry, lifestyle products, and many others. The only thing it is not suitable for is glass products because they do not have a rigid structure.

Bubble wrap was invented accidentally by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957 while they were trying to manufacture a textured plastic wallpaper with a 3D effect. Fortunately, what failed as a wallpaper, succeeded as a packing material. Alfred Fielding co-founded a company called Sealed Air Corporation that created the generic trademark called bubble wrap, a term we all use today.

Bubble wrap is one of the first options businesses choose to send products to their customers regularly because of the many advantages it has. Companies can even buy bubble mailers online in bulk. It’s a great cost-effective saving measure. These are four reasons why it makes sense to use bubble mailers to ship your products.

1. Adequate Protection

Irrespective of the company you choose to ship your product, the shipping personnel are bound to bump your package a few times. Bubble wraps provide adequate protection for your products during shipping, so that they do not get damaged during transit.

The plastic lining makes the package puncture-resistant and the air filter bubbles provide shock absorption. Bubble mailers offer an effective barrier for your products against a variety of impacts. For extra protection, you can fill them with additional layers of cushioning, or you can put them inside corrugated sheet boxes for shipping.


2. Bubble Mailers Are Reusable

Even though bubble wrap is not exactly environmentally friendly, they are always reused by your customers. Nobody ever throws out bubble mailers because of their versatility. Your customers will appreciate you sending your products in bubble mailers because they can reuse them for mailing things of their own.

People also save them because they make effecting packing for belongings while relocating. They are a great eco-friendly option for shipping your products. Bubble mailers also make it easy for your customers if they want to return your product because they can simply put the merchandise back in and ship it to you.

3. Convenient to Use

Bubble mailers come with the option of self-sealing adhesive, which makes it one of the most time effective packing solutions. Your employees can simply put the products inside one of them, seal the self-sealing strip, and it’s ready to go.

They wouldn’t have to waste time wrapping the product in bubble wrap or other protective materials, add fillers, and use messy adhesive to seal the package. Using bubble mailers can save your company a lot of packing time and thus improve your productivity. Bubble mailers are also convenient to store. They don’t take up a lot of space because you can stack them together.

They are also very durable. You can buy them in bulk and store them for a long time. Bubble mailers come in various sizes, so you can choose the ones according to your requirements. The inner surface is slip-resistant because of the bubbles. So, your product will not move around a lot while it is being shipped to its destination.

4. Bubble Mailers Are Cost-Effective

As a business owner, saving costs is a priority for you in all stages. Bubble mailers have many advantages when it comes to saving money. They are one of the lightest packing options. Bubble mailers are just a few layers of plastic and paper with air-filled inside them. That also makes them cheaper than boxes.

It’s less expensive to mail bubble mailers because, unlike boxes, they won’t add a lot of weight to your products. Furthermore, companies that sell bubble mailers offer great deals when you buy them in bulk. Since you will need them regularly to ship your products, and you can store them easily, it makes sense to buy them in bulk and save money.

The versatility of bubble mailers makes it an ideal packing and shipping option for businesses that are always sending products to their customers. Its protection and pliability make it ideal for most products manufactured by any business. Sending your products in bubble mailers is good for your brand image.

Your customers will also appreciate them because they can reuse them for other needs. Apart from these, there are several other reasons why using bubble mailers makes sense for businesses that ship products to their customers regularly, which you will come to realize once you start using them.