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If you’re planning to grow cannabis plants for sale on the open market, the first thing to do is make sure growing marijuana is legal where you live. Also, you should understand ahead of time that your intended new business will require permits and inspections. In fact, you might want to consider hiring a legal team to help ensure you’re complying with the letter of the law every step of the way.


All the same, growing marijuana can be fun and exciting—and profitable. With helpful guides on easy to grow cannabis strains and resources increasingly available as the plant is made legal throughout the world, it has never been easier to generate an income in the cannabis industry. That is, it can be fun and exciting and profitable until you realize you are not getting the greatest yields out of your cannabis plants.

To become an experienced marijuana grower, you need to grow and practice more. Over the seasons, you observe how your plants grow. You discover their limitations and learn what you can do differently in the next season to increase the yields.

The following tips will help you improve your cannabis growing expertise to get the most out of your cannabis plants.

Get In-Depth Knowledge About Cannabis Plants

You may have a green thumb when it comes to farming, but the green thumb in cannabis growing comes through in-depth research about the plant. If you want to get full harvests out of your cannabis plants, do not engage in trial-and-error methods.

Do your research about growing cannabis at online websites and companies such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. Here, you’ll get free insightful articles on how to grow cannabis. If you know about the life cycle of cannabis, how it germinates, and how it thrives, you will be better prepared for growing cannabis plants.


You can also seek knowledge from experienced cannabis growers. Learn how they do it, the problems they faced as beginners, and how they overcame those problems. That will offer you a foundation for learning more about growing cannabis to enhance your natural growing ability.

Keep in Mind That Genetics Matter a Lot

To produce the best yields of first-rate marijuana, you must source quality marijuana seeds for sale. The strain of cannabis plants is particularly important and determines the outcome of the plant. For example, do not expect to produce marijuana with high levels of cannabidiol if you didn’t plant a medicinal strain of marijuana seeds.

Every grower has their preference for choosing cannabis genetics. However, consider the environment where you intend to grow the plant. For instance, auto-flowering cannabis seeds can be suitable for growing in a small indoor space or room.

On the other hand, if you want to grow your cannabis outdoors where there is plenty of light and space, you can look for cannabis seeds that produce giant cannabis plants. Consider other factors such as climate when looking for the best strain of cannabis for your location.

Give Seeds the Best Germination Conditions for Healthier Cannabis Plants

Every successful harvest begins with good seedling germination. If you want to grow cannabis successfully, pay attention to how you germinate your cannabis seeds. Providing your cannabis seeds with the right germination conditions is a great way to kick-start the life of the cannabis plants.

For instance, you can invest in seed starter kits that provide seeds with suitable growth conditions. Most of these kits contain a unique bacterial formulation that promotes the vigorous and healthy growth of seedlings. It nourishes them until they attain a mature and healthy level. Then you can transfer them to the soil or whatever planting medium you prefer to use.

Giving your cannabis seeds the best root growth minimizes the chances of stunted growth in the cannabis plants. The roots grow as much as the root base allows, and they supply the plant with nutrition. Therefore, a huge root results in a big cannabis plant.

Invest in Good Soil

Before you begin to germinate your cannabis plants, invest in good soil that supports cannabis plants’ growth. Do a soil test to check your soil’s qualities and amend it accordingly to provide good drainage, water retention, and the proper nutrients to the cannabis plants.

Growing your cannabis in good-quality soil helps you avoid fertilizers during the life of the cannabis plants. Remember that most of the marijuana for commercial purposes undergoes a purity test. If you add fertilizers during growth, the more impure your weed will be.

But when you grow cannabis in good soil, it minimizes the need to feed it frequently with nutrients. This simplifies the weed plant’s management.

Practice Moderation When Watering Your Cannabis Plants

When it comes to cannabis plants, be careful not to overdo or underdo anything. For instance, when it comes to watering, do not over-water your plants. This is because the roots are prone to rotting and developing fungal diseases if they become waterlogged. On the other hand, underwatering causes dehydration of the plant and leads to stunted growth. Even though underwatering has milder effects than over-watering, be careful with both.

You can put your finger in the cannabis growing soil to check if you should water. If about 3-4cm feels dry, it’s time to water the plant. If not, wait for a day or two before the next watering. Whether it is watering or feeding the plant with nutrients, play it safe to avoid going overboard.

Prune Your Cannabis Plants

Learning how to prune your cannabis plants will result in larger yields. When the plant grows expansively, prune the weak and unhealthy branches to encourage more healthy growth.

Like many other crops, when you prune cannabis plants, it gives more room for expansive growth and clears off the weak parts before they affect other parts. If you are growing cannabis indoors and don’t want expansive growth, you can try tying down your plants to keep them more discreet. Generally, experiment more with advanced ways of promoting the primary growth of cannabis plants.

Properly Time the Harvesting Period

To get the most out of your cannabis, you have to time the harvesting period expertly. You do not want to harvest too early before the plants mature to their full size and achieve maximum growth. However, you don’t want to harvest too late since the plant’s potency will deteriorate.

When the pistils have turned from white to brownish-red or orange, it’s time to harvest your cannabis plants. Sometimes, just looking at your plants will not be enough to inspect for the harvest time. You can use a loupe and take a good look at the buds to adequately identify their color.

Dry and Cure Cannabis Plants Correctly

If you see moldy cannabis, know that the grower made a mistake during drying and curing. After harvesting, spread your weed in a dark room with plenty of air circulation for drying. After that, secure it in jars and leave some space for air circulation. Keep the jars in a dark room and open them from time to time for air. That way, you will end up with good quality marijuana.



Follow the tips in this article to get greater yield from your cannabis plants and enjoy greater profit from your harvests.