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Elevations RTC Keeps Teens Safe and Educated in a Pandemic

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While you remain at home running your small business, do you worry about your teen who is living away from home at school? In this post, we take a look at what one school, Elevations RTC, is doing to keep kids safe while providing them with a proper education during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Do You Worry About Your Child Being Away from Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for businesses, schools, and individuals around the world. With students enrolling in schools for the year, it is normal for parents to be concerned about what their kids might be facing in the classroom. This is even more worrisome at a place like Elevations RTC. This is because parents are sending their children to live in Utah. Not having their children close at a time like this can be difficult.

That is why Elevations RTC, an accredited residential treatment center in Utah, has been on top of making sure that the entire campus is safe and as close to normal as possible. This is certainly not the easiest time in the world. But there are some advantages to keeping children on campus and learning in small groups as opposed to a more standard setup. Here we look at the most prominent measures Elevations RTC has taken to keep students safe.

Smart Staff Members at Elevations RTC Make a Difference

Before students arrive on campus, teachers go over new protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible. The entire staff, interacting with the students, learned how to handle this new normal. Whether it is keeping certain parts of the classroom extremely clean or adjusting classroom interactions to allow for proper separation, the changes help reduce health risks.

The staff also learned how to prepare students as soon as they arrived on campus. It is a massive change for everyone. And some students are finding it difficult to get into a habit to keep as clean as possible. By reminding students of the basics such as handwashing, social distancing when possible, and cleaning up after themselves, students can start accepting changes.

Everyone on Staff Is Alert for Warning Signs

Everyone at Elevations RTC is also paying close attention to any warning signs that a student is showing symptoms that might relate to COVID-19. There are daily temperature checks to help monitor the health of students, and anyone with symptoms will be sent for testing. Elevations has protocols in place to keep everyone safe, wearing masks, social distancing, limiting time with other students, if a student were to test positive.

The daily checks help out considerably to limit exposure overall. While COVID-19 can be contagious without showing symptoms, this is the best method to curtail any outbreaks.

One piece of good news is that when students are on campus, they do not have to be as strict around others who are also living on campus. Students do not have to wear face masks when interacting with other students on campus. This is beneficial for those struggling with that aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, all staff must wear masks while on campus and working with the students. Additionally, some students must wear masks on campus when the medical team advises them to do so. When going off campus the students follow guidelines mandated by the state and wear masks in public.

Group Sizes Are Smaller Now

Elevations RTC has always had small group sizes. This has been a selling point for their program compared to others. That has not changed, but students find slightly smaller groups than normal in some cases. This allows for plenty of separation instead of kids feeling on top of each other. It also makes getting one-on-one help easier as well.

Small group sizes make sense in the first place at Elevations RTC. In a large classroom at a big school back home, many students can fail to get the type of attention they need. For troubled teens, this is a recipe for disaster. They need more focus on them, not less.

Every crafted group at Elevations RTC helps to increase every student’s chances of success. They are placed with students who share similar interests and have similar reasons for enrolling. Also, students who score near the same levels on tests share the same or similar groups. This ensures students can move at a speed that is right for them. It also allows them chances to create bonds with others who can relate.

High-Level Medical Care Is Available to Students at Elevations RTC

Every precaution is taken to make sure that students stay safe when they are on campus at Elevations RTC. When necessary, there is a highly trained medical staff member ready to assist if necessary.

If a student needs medical attention Elevations RTC is a short drive from nationally recognized hospital options in the Salt Lake City area. Teens get the best care possible, and the entire staff’s goal is to be too cautious instead of taking any chances. They ignore no symptoms, no matter how minor.

The School Strives to Maintain a Level of Normality

This is a challenging time for any learning environment. However, Elevations RTC believes they offer even more advantages than normal. Their campus is ideally set up for a certain level of isolation. Moreover, they offer a unique experience in comparison with most residential treatment centers. For families that were on the fence about enrolling their teenager in this type of program, it might make more sense than ever before to get their teen’s education back on track.

Find out More About Elevations RTC

To keep up with any new protocols or learn more about what a day in the life looks like at Elevations RTC, visit the school’s website at https://www.elevationsrtc.com/. This is the chief source of any new information the program releases during the year. As restrictions change, there is a possibility of modifications to the curriculum. This resource is also useful for parents wanting to learn more about the staff in charge of keeping teens safe.