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Now Is the Time to Invest in Digital Marketing Strategies

Featured photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Regardless of how the global pandemic is affecting your business, now could be the perfect time to invest in digital marketing strategies. Not convinced? Read on. We’ll tell you why.

Why Now Is the Time to Invest More Than Ever In Digital Marketing

Online retail giants have done very well this year while other types of businesses have floundered. In fact, businesses in almost all sectors have been forced to change focus. They have had to get creative and make hard calls just to survive.

Another industry that has done well is digital marketing. This is because it received the gift of millions of people stuck at home with little more to do than spend their time online. They were the perfect audience. Not all digital marketing agencies have thrived of course. For example, some who had clients in the travel and leisure industry have certainly struggled.


But now could be your company’s time to shine. If you’re ready to reach for success regardless of the circumstances, this could be the perfect time to invest more in digital marketing strategies. To this end, look to consult with the digital marketing specialists at Local Digital. They’ll help you put an online marketing strategy together.

When It Comes to Online Marketing It’s Better Late Than Never

This year has shown us all that having an online presence is extremely important for businesses large and small. Many in the marketing community have been banging this drum for years now. All the same, there were still many brick-and-mortar businesses that failed to see the advantage of getting online.

However, once everyone went into lockdown, business owners of all stripes began to recognize that the only way they could reach their customers was through promoting their businesses online. Those that did are now perfectly positioned to bear down on their digital marketing strategies.

Think About the Affordability of Your Digital Marketing Strategies

As to whether businesses should be looking to invest, or invest more, in digital marketing, the answer is a resounding YES. However, the challenge for many small business owners will be understanding how much they should invest. Next, they’ll need to decide exactly where they should spend that money.

This is the eternal challenge of running a business, of course. That is, one must first find the capital. Then you need to decide where to invest that capital, all the while hoping to see a solid return.

Digital marketing strategies have proven time and time again to provide excellent ROI. However, some small businesses operate on such slim margins that they might not have enough capital to both invest and then wait for those returns.

Your Marketing Strategies Will Vary Depending on the Sector You’re In

For this reason, not all businesses can benefit from a strategy of digital marketing in the current climate. The sector in which your business operates will be the deciding factor in whether to spend and how much to spend.

This is because the current goal of any marketing strategy, whether digital or traditional, is to bring money in now. So usually businesses will take two approaches to online ads. One approach is to sell a product and another is to sell and grow the brand.


Given the limited cash available, the strategy most businesses take is to ask their digital marketing companies to get returns on their ad dollars as quickly as possible. The result is a “buy-it-now” approach, with no long-term ads.

Nonetheless, businesses in the tourism industry won’t see great returns on ads right now. On the other hand, businesses in the retail sector can benefit enormously from a smart digital marketing strategy.


If your business is active and seeing regular sales you should certainly go big on your digital marketing strategy. This could be your chance to eat up market share in your sector.