Co-Working Space

How to Find the Perfect Co-Working Space for Your Employees

Featured image by LYCS Architecture from Unsplash

Co-working spaces have become an increasingly popular solution for business owners who don’t want to commit to a lease for office space. They are great for both established businesses and budding start-ups who need to find the perfect space for their employees. Not only that, but co-working spaces are usually very comfortable and include extra facilities included in the price.

So, how do you find the perfect co-working space for your staff when there are so many options out there in 2020? Read on to hear some of our tips.

Check the Amenities

One of the main priorities that you should have when you are trying to find the perfect co-working space for your staff is making sure they have the right amenities. Your staff will need to have a desk to work at and a comfortable chair. On top of that, they might require computers desktops, printers, and other tools. 

If the co-working space comes with these features and more, you might find that it is right for you. However, if your staff already own their equipment, you could save money by choosing a different location. In this case, all you would need is a desk and some comfortable chairs for your team to use.


How Big Is It?

Some co-working spaces are bigger than others, so you need to make sure that there is enough space for your entire team to work comfortably. If they are spread out around the space with other businesses in between, you may find this hinders their performance. 

Some employers make the mistake of choosing a larger space because they think they need to bring everything with them. However, you can make use of business storage to keep your items safe and cut down on the co-working space that you require.

Extra Features

Did you know that some co-working spaces sometimes come with extra features including interactive whiteboards, unlimited coffee, and even bars? These kinds of extras are likely to cost more but they can make a huge difference to the overall experience of working there. 

In fact, you can even impress clients that come for meetings with some of these extra features. One of the best things to look out for is meeting rooms that provide privacy when you need it. Make sure to ask around for some of the most impressive spaces, as you could find some great add-ons.

Can You Afford a Co-Working Space?

Before you choose the right co-working space for your team, you must make sure that you can afford it. Some spaces have pricing plans per employee while others will charge a retainer rate. 

You should figure out what works best for your business and make sure you are not overpaying. Get a quote before you sign anything in order to save yourself the hassle. The great thing about these spaces is that they are typically cheaper than a large office. However, if you add on a few extras, you could increase the price.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about trying out a co-working space instead of a traditional office, you could find that your team are happy with the decision. You must make sure that the space is perfect for your team, otherwise, you could find your productivity levels drop over time. If you look out for a large enough space and check the price before signing up, you should be able to make the right choice in the end.