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8 Tips for Creating High Converting Facebook Video Ads

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

To generate a decent return on your ad spending, you need to follow the best practices, one of which is to create video ads. We share here our top tips for creating Facebook video ads.

Are You Ready to Try Your Hand at Facebook Marketing?

It might be a waste of time to use Facebook pages for marketing, as the reach is minimal. However, ads are still worth it. In fact, for many companies, just running ads on Facebook will be sufficient. You’ll reach far more people on Facebook than you will on any other social network since Facebook has more than two billion users!

But you won’t automatically generate high conversions just because you create an ad and pump money into it. To generate a decent return on your ad spending, you need to follow the best practices, one of which is to create video ads. Therefore, we share here our top tips for creating Facebook video ads.


Do a Ton of Research

One way to create the best ads is to do a lot of research to see what’s already working. Your competitors have been running ads for a long time. They’ve already made mistakes and know what’s working and what isn’t. That’s the best place to start.

Visit your top competitors’ websites, and then visit Facebook. They will begin targeting you with ads. This will give you the opportunity to check out their ads and see what types of videos they are using. Pay attention to their ads’ lengths, your competitor’s landing pages, and so on.

Alternatively, you can use an ad spy tool to quickly figure out what kinds of ads your competitors are using.

Create Short Videos for Your Ads

Facebook video ads can be up to 241 minutes long. But this doesn’t mean that you must create videos that are several hours long. They should just be a few seconds long. Facebook actually recommends you create video ads that are only six seconds long. So, if you’ve been creating very long videos, it is time for you to whip up your video editing platform and cut your videos down to a few seconds.

Remember that people have short attention spans on Facebook. Therefore, something short that gets to the point quickly will bring better results.

Write Punchy Descriptions

The video is definitely the most important part of the ad, but the description plays a key role, too, so pay attention to it. Most people don’t write good descriptions, as they give the video or image too much attention. Use the text in your ad to add information you didn’t include in the video. Don’t be afraid to write long descriptions. And be sure to include a call to action with a link that asks people to take the next step.


Align Video Ads with Influencer Marketing

To get the most out of your ad, run an influencer marketing campaign simultaneously. The influencer marketing campaign will drive some traffic and sales, but if you combine it with a retargeting campaign, you will reach many more people. So invest in good influencer marketing software that will help you find top influencers with real followings.

Add Thumbnails to Video Ads

People can turn off autoplay on your Facebook ad. These people will see a thumbnail in place of a video that plays automatically. If you want to make sure these people watch your videos, too, you should use good thumbnails in your videos. They need to attract attention and convince people to watch the rest of the video.

Therefore, you need to use a good photo editing tool to create unique thumbnails. Turn off the autoplay option on your own Facebook account and then browse through the feed to see what types of thumbnails people are using. Then emulate these design ideas in your ads.

Optimize Landing Pages

It’s not just about the video ad. When it comes to getting conversions, the landing pages matter, too. This is why you should spend as much time on the landing page as you spend on the video ad. Again, follow landing page best practices as well. Use the data you gained from your earlier research to do that.

Test Several Versions

Create several versions of your landing page and video ad. It is highly unlikely that you will create the best version of an ad on your first attempt. It can take some time. So create at least five different versions of the landing page, the ad video, and the description.

Then launch each version with a $5 budget to see which converts best.

Scale Final Video Ad and Test Some More

The best performing ad should be your final video ad. You can scale the budget for this ad and then create more versions of this, then test them out, too. This will help you get even better results.



These are our top tips for creating high converting Facebook video ads. Begin implementing them today to enjoy more conversions and a better return on your ad spending.