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Is Your Internet Bill Too High? How to Reduce It

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If your business is on a limited budget but your internet bill is getting higher every month, there are multiple ways to reduce your costs. Let’s take a look.

Is Your Internet Bill Too High?

Millions of people use internet services these days. Practically everything we do now depends on the internet. In fact, we can hardly imagine the world without the internet anymore. From work to education to shopping to staying in touch with friends and family, so much of our lives happen over the internet.


Many people today depend on the internet services to work from home. Others take online classes. Many more use the internet for entertainment purposes, such as streaming films and series over Netflix or Hulu or Amazon.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic intensified the demand for low-cost high-speed internet, as internet usage went up and people’s income went down. In fact, people consider an internet connection to be essential now. They it more than ever.

If your business depends on the internet to survive, this is all the more true. What’s more, if your online business has a tight budget and your internet bill creeps higher every month, you’re probably getting worried about it. There are solutions, though. There are many ways of reducing your internet bill. Let’s take a look now.

Check Your Internet Bill

The first thing to do is to look over your latest internet bill. What features are you paying for? What speed are you getting? Do you have a data cap? Look over your last few monthly bills, and make sure you know what you’re paying each month on average for the features you’re getting.

Check Your Internet Speed

When we sign up with an internet service provider, many people prefer to get the fastest internet speed possible, even when their internet usage is pretty basic. But internet service providers offer multiple packages with different internet speeds. So only sign up for a package that gives you the speed you need without going overboard.

For example, if there are multiple users in your home or place of business who connect multiple devices at the same time for streaming or gaming, you’re going to need a relatively high speed. But you should consider reducing your internet speed if this is not the case, as doing so will reduce your internet bill. Also, disconnect unnecessary devices, since each device will consume data and lower your internet speed. Try lowering your internet speed for a month and see if that works for you or not.

Buy Your Own Modem and Router

If you are planning to stick with an internet service provider for more than a year or two, get your own modem and router. Almost every internet company charges extra on the monthly bill for the modem and the router.

There are some companies who offer free internet modem. For example, with Time Warner cable internet, you get a free internet modem. The router costs about $5 per month, which is pretty low. On the other hand, there are some companies that charge $10-$15 per month for the modem and the router together.

To save money each month, consider buying your own equipment. Those few bucks you save each month could add up to significant savings in a year’s time.

Bundle Your Services for a Lower Internet Bill

The best way to reduce your bill is to bundle your services. The more you bundle, the more you save. That’s how it works.

So if you already have cable service, bundle it with your internet service. This will provide you with a discount not only on internet service, but also on on your cable bill as well. You might even be able to get a promotional price. This could mean the prices will remain the same for at least a year or two.

So check all your bundle options and get your cable and internet services from the same provider.

Negotiate with Your Current Service Provider

Try negotiating with your current service provider to lower your internet bill. Tell them you’re thinking about switching providers if they can’t provide you with cheaper options. Let them know you’ve checked with their competitors about what they’re offering.

Tell them that you are on a low budget but you enjoy their services and want to stay with them. They will likely offer you some discounts and promotions. If they don’t offer, be sure to ask.

Shop Around to Lower Your Internet Bill

Once you know your needs, check the availability of all the providers in your area. Find out what they can offer you.

Different companies offer different promotional packages to their new customers. You can even customize a package according to your needs.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors what internet service they use and how much they are paying each month. Find out if they are satisfied with their internet company. Check reviews on the internet.


You can check the availability of internet service providers on websites such as Just enter your Zip Code and all the options available in your area will pop up on the screen.

Summing Up

If you are unable to reduce your internet bill with your current service provider, consider switching to another company. Also, if you discover that another internet service provider offers faster speed and better features, especially at a promotional price, switch to that company.