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Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Lawn

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Attract more walk-in customers to your business by maintaining a beautiful commercial lawn. Follow the lawn care suggestions here to ensure your commercial lawn remains attractive all year.


Ensuring your grass remains green all the time isn’t a quick fix. There is a lot necessary to achieve a quality lawn besides mowing the grass. Of course, cleaning your lawnmower regularly helps keep it in proper condition. But there are other things you can do, too. We discuss those things here.

Here are some simple steps to ensure your lawn remains evergreen and clean.

Feeding the Grass Is a Big Part of Lawn Care

Your lawn needs nutrients to maintain its density and green color. The following are lawn care products you can use:

  1. Use chemical grass fertilizer to grow and maintain your lawn’s green color. Apply the fertilizer using a spreader and a tonic for uniformity.
  2. Invest in organic products for increased conditioning as well as for fertilizing. With soil conditioners, the root system will strengthen, especially during the summer months.
  3. It is paramount to use a soil wetter to make your lawn hold water in its root system. Also, ensure you add fertilizer at least twice each year to improve lawn growth.
  4. Use natural and organic fertilizer in the morning for your lawn to utilize it properly. Additionally, make sure there are no weeds or lawn pests. You can take care of these by using chemicals and pesticides.

Learn to Maintain Your Lawnmower for Better Lawn Care

Clean and Replace the Air Filter

A perfectly functioning air filter pulls in air at the top and releases it at the bottom. Accordingly, the filter’s top should have dirt trapped at the top but not penetrating via the foam layers. However, you need to clean and replace your filter regularly to avoid such a situation.

Here is how to clean the oil filter:

  • Use your hand to remove thick or heavy dirt.
  • Use detergent and water to wash the filter.
  • After washing the filter, dry it with paper towels, then air it in the sun.
  • Re-oil the air filter to remove the dirt that gets trapped at its top. To do this, place the filter in a Ziploc® bag and pour oil inside the bag.
  • Before replacing the air filter in the lawnmower, ensure oil doesn’t drip inside the carburetor by using a paper towel to remove excess oil.

When cutting your lawn, cut it a bit higher to control weeds while also protecting the soil and roots against evaporation. You can damage the grass by cutting it too short. If you don’t know how to go about it, get a professional from experts like commercial lawn care in Milwaukee to give it a good cut. An expert has the correct tools to do the edging and cutting in all garden features.

Keep Your Lawn Wet in the Warmer Months

Just like your body, your lawn also needs to be healthy and hydrated. This will require you to follow a watering routine during the hotter months. Use deep watering techniques for the roots of your lawn to grow deeper. This will prevent heat and evaporation from damaging them. You can deep water early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


Other than the suggestions here, you can also keep your lawn healthy by controlling pests as well as repairing and aerating your lawn. To achieve this, you may require professional help. This is why commercial lawn care in Milwaukee offers lawn maintenance, construction, and renovation to those who require professional help.