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Cosmetic Lasers: Latest Trends in the Treatment Market

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Today, many women are turning to skin treatments with cosmetic lasers to brighten and tighten their skin. In fact, the shift toward this option is so massive that it has brought about a major upsurge in the market for treatments with cosmetic lasers. In this post, we take a look at these changes.


Beauty standards have radically changed. Today, many people feel their appearance must be Instagram-worthy. But hectic lifestyles doesn’t always allow for proper skin care. As a result, skin becomes prone to wrinkles, acne, blemishes, spots, and scars, dulling the overall tone. Therefore, more and more women have begun to adopt aesthetic cosmetics as a normal part of their daily routines.

Numerous skin care products are already positioned in the cosmetic market. However, only a narrow cohort of women find them useful. This leaves a lot of room for bringing about a shift in the way people perceive skin care.

Today, in fact, a large number of women are choosing a skin rejuvenation regimen that relies on treatment by cosmetic lasers. They understand that this is a proven way to tighten and brighten skin. This shift has brought about a significant change in the cosmetic lasers market. Consequently, companies operating in the cosmetic lasers market have witnessed a surge in profits.

It is important to understand that the term “cosmetic laser” is an umbrella term. For example, cosmetic laser devices include hair removal laser devices, skin lightening laser devices, and acne laser devices, among others.

Latest Trends Contribute to Market Growth

As women have begun to take their place in the workforce, they feel the need to look presentable and professional. This pressure, both internal and external, drives them toward being keenly aware of their appearance. Some might even say it has driven them toward more beauty consciousness. In addition, the growing influence of social media to look picture-perfect at all times encourages them to look beyond the obvious solutions of healthy diets and readily available cosmetic products.

Part of the reason for this is that most cosmetic products currently on the market must be applied regularly for months or even years. Other treatment methods can be invasive. But many women want faster, even instant, and less invasive results. Accordingly, cosmetic laser treatments have become more popular.

Cosmetic lasers have brought proven results. In many women they have even reversed aging of the skin. Therefore, increasing numbers of women have come to rely on cosmetic lasers to achieve faster, longer lasting results.

For example, according to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2018, technicians performed 594,266 laser skin resurfacing surgeries in the US that year alone. Additionally, there were also 1,077,490 laser hair removal surgeries and 217, 836 laser treatments related to leg veins performed in the US that year. Additionally, let’s compare those numbers to Vaughan laser hair removal treatments in a year, which is surprisingly high. We picked Vaughan since it has the highest ratio per capita according to the International Federation of Cosmetics.

Industry experts expect these numbers to increase even further because of the increasing demand for skin resurfacing. Besides, cosmetic laser treatments are faster and more convenient than their corresponding surgical procedures. This alone makes these procedures a more popular choice.

Surging Cases of PCOD Also Contribute to Growth in the Cosmetic Lasers Market

PCOD stands for polycystic ovarian disease, a disease in women which affects overall health. This disease, possibly stress-related, is caused by hormonal imbalance, and it can cause excess hair growth and acne.

In addition, men are also conscious of their appearance. This broadens the prospects for the cosmetic lasers treatment market.

Cosmetic Lasers Provide Non-Surgical Solutions for Facial and Body Contouring

Instead of face lifts or eyelid surgeries, some turn to cosmetic injections for sculpting facial features. Various filler injection methods are available for these purposes. Injections for eyelids help reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, improving the appearance of the skin under the eye.

However, the pain of going under the needle turns some women against these non-surgical skin rejuvenation solutions. Additionally, many are concerned about using dermal fillers made with plastics. To make matters worse, unskilled practitioners can damage the facial features permanently. These disadvantages provide yet more reasons why more women are choosing cosmetic laser treatments. Many are finding that they prefer them over invasive surgical procedures and even some non-surgical solutions.

Basically, when women weigh the pros and cons of the various non-surgical solutions in the dermatology market, cosmetic laser treatment comes out as the winner.

Cosmetic Laser Companies Compete for the Top Spots with Innovation

The cosmetic laser treatment market is a semi-consolidated landscape with numerous players occupying the top spots in a variety of niches. The market is basically driven by companies with a well-established presence along with a strong product portfolio. However, given that more women are now demanding non-invasive and minimally invasive surgical procedures, the players have begun experimenting with different types of products.

They have also been expanding their geographic presence and strengthening their reach through various distribution channels. The top players operating in the cosmetic laser treatment market have relied on strengthening their base and product portfolio. Additionally, the more prominent players also leverage innovation to strengthen their position in the cosmetic laser treatment market.

The advent of tech-forward solutions in the cosmetic laser treatment market as well as procedure-specific cosmetic laser systems are likely to encourage more women to undergo cosmetic procedures. These procedures will likely include hair removal, skin tightening, acne reduction, and similar treatments.

Given the increasing trends toward using cosmetic lasers, the players operating in the cosmetic lasers treatment market are making the landscape competitive. Manufacturers are also coming up with novel lasers, such as energy-oriented aesthetic laser systems, thereby driving advancement in the market.

Take a Look at This Snapshot of Some Recent Developments

Significant players in the cosmetic lasers market include Aerolase, Solta Medical, Alma Lasers, Ltd., Syneron Medical Inc., Cutera, Inc., SharpLight Technologies, Synosure Medical Inc., El. En. SpA, Sciton, Inc., and Lumenis Ltd.

  • In March 2018, Sensus Healthcare, Inc., announced the launch of Sensus Laser Systems. This is a multi-platform and cost-effective laser, which can be used for acne lesion correction, tattoo removal, large pore treatment, and more.
  • Alma Lasers, in February 2019, announced that it had launched a novel device for hair removal known as Saprano Titanium.
  • In July 2019, The Cynosure Division of Hologic, Inc. announced the release of two products for aesthetic treatment. They are SculpSure submental treatment and TempSure Firm handpiece.


If you’re interested in jumping into the expanding market for cosmetic laser treatments, now is the time to do so. However, be sure to research your local market well and develop a good business plan first.