Co-Living Rentals

Singapore Co-Living Rentals: Temporary and Permanent

Featured image by Norelyn Asupan from Unsplash

Professionals, business owners, students, individuals, and newcomers to Singapore are in need of reasonable, safe, and efficient co-living rental spaces. There is no doubt, rental fees all across the country are continuously increasing. It is predicted Singapore’s temporary and permanent rental fees will continue to increase across the city in the next few years. 

Fortunately, there are options for those who cannot afford to pay rent on a private apartment. One option that comes to mind is a co-living rental. What is a co-living rental and how does it work? Find out by reading below.


Shared Living Space

When most people think of rental property, privacy instantly comes to mind. Your apartment, flat, or condo provides privacy and safety without breaking the bank. Also, it can provide you with the perfect environment to grow your business ventures at an affordable price. While co-living means sharing a rental space with one or more people, each tenant is given their own private room. 

Private Apartments, Communal Spaces and Private Bedrooms

Co-living very similar to congregate housing. Both are shared living, with each tenant having his or her own bedroom. The rest of the home is open to all tenants. When you break co-living down, you get private sleeping spaces and shared communal spaces like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, recreational room, and mudroom. Which is why it’s perfect for entrepreneurs trying to save money.


Why Co-Living?

Renting a room or apartment does not need to be time-consuming, confusing, or difficult. With co-living rental options, it will be none of these. Whether you are a newcomer to Singapore or a natural-born citizen, rental shopping could never be easier than with the many available co-living rental spaces across the city.

The co-living rental option has a broad range of benefits for teens, young adults, middle-aged adults, and senior citizens. These benefits include lower cost of living, a high level of safety and privacy, better accessibility, and a friend- and-family-like environment.

Fully-Furnished Co-Living Apartments

If you are not ready to settle down right now, buying a home is out of the question. Especially if you aren’t sure where you want to base your business out of. Many young people have no idea where they will be next year. There is nothing wrong with this unique way of living because it offers more freedom than being tied down to a mortgage. If your plans are to stay in Singapore for a few years to save money for a down payment for a new home, co-living is the way to go.

Co-living allows people of all ages to save more money without compromising on safety and efficiency. Also, as Singapore rentals continue to increase, more singles, couples, and families will be turning to co-living. 

Co-living could be the difference between healthy meals and going to bed hungry every night. Some co-living tenants have reported a savings of $1,000 or more within the first year of their transition. 


Tired of searching through newspaper and online ads day after day in hopes of finding a reasonable rental space? If so, you are not alone. While your current situation is worrisome, you do have options. With co-living, you could turn your life around for the better by saving money which you can then use to grow your business. No longer will you need to live paycheck to paycheck when affordable rentals are staring you in the face.