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How to Protect Your Home and Business from Burglaries

Have you ever wondered why burglaries happen? We explore that question here.

Further, we look at the possibility that a Toronto locksmith could help you avoid the nearly inevitable for your home and your small business, given that a break-in occurs every few seconds.


In other words, if you’re wondering how quickly you need a locksmith Toronto company, the answer is you needed them yesterday. Here’s why.

Why Do Burglaries Occur?

Most people don’t realize how easy their home or small business would be for a burglar to break into. In fact, the probability is high that a thief will break into your property at least once.

But what does nearly everyone have in common with everyone else? Fear! People are so scared of even thinking that their home or business will be burglarized that they fail to plan for such a contingency. However, it’s a fact that you can save money on your insurance policies by facing up to that fear and making sure your home and business are properly burglar-proofed.

The Toronto, Ontario, crime statistics are not alarmingly high. This is a relatively quiet and safe city. Nonetheless, a home break-in happens in Canada every 90 seconds.

It is important to remember that most burglars are opportunists. That is, most break-ins happen on the spur of the moment. Moreover, the thieves hardly ever use sophisticated tools. Regardless, the fear and loss a burglary can cause is tremendous.

The consequences of home burglaries are never good. Apart from the losses of property for individuals, the expense is great for the police and insurance companies, too. What’s more, the panic and sense of dread a person can feel when they realize that someone has broken into their home or place of business is difficult to describe.

What Is Behind Property Crime?

Big cities like Toronto are vibrant and exciting, with lots of tourists, many neighborhoods of all socioeconomic backgrounds, numerous businesses—the works. This amalgamation of ethnicities, backgrounds, interests, and environments is a good thing.

But there are gaps, including the gap the poor and the rich. Poverty and homelessness, drug addiction, and a variety of other factors, including a possible link to exposure to lead in childhood all contribute to property crime.

Statistics show that most burglars just want a fast grab, an easy catch. They want cash if you have it lying around. Alternatively, they’ll take your laptop, your gadgets, your jewelry—things they can easily sell.


Renters are more likely to be victims of burglaries than are homeowners. This could be because homeowners are more likely to spend money on high security door locks and alarm systems.

Alarmingly, home invaders strike in all parts of the city, with more remote residences and businesses being easier targets. However, most of the time, just as you would hate to unexpectedly walk in on a burglar, they don’t want to have to run into you.

Burglaries Always Happen in the Dead of Night, Right?

Many people think of burglaries as malicious acts that happen in the middle of the night. However, most home break-ins occur during the day when family members are out of the house. Property crimes against small businesses, on the other hand, occur more often after business hours.

So remember to take a few simple measures before the nearly inevitable happens. That is, invest in high-security locks, alarms, and safes for your business or home. Additionally, follow some ordinary precautions such as locking doors and windows and keeping valuables out of sight. And if you’re wondering how quickly you need a locksmith Toronto company, the answer is you needed them yesterday.