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Do Instagram Likes Still Matter? We Think They Do and Here’s Why

Featured image by Cristian Dina from Pexels

Instagram shot to fame as a premier photo-sharing app that allows users to take images and videos of their favorite items and people and post them. Today, it has one billion users with an estimated 500 million users every day. This makes it not only a great platform for sharing images but also an important advertising platform for businesses. Instagram likes have emerged as an important aspect of the platform’s ranking algorithm. 


Instagram Likes Show How Engaged Users Are

Instagram likes rate the degree of users’ engagement with your brand. More importantly, likes also denote the reputation your brand has among your followers. The number of likes your post generates shows how popular it is among users. Therefore, it’s an especially important ranking parameter. This explains why everyone wants to get as many likes as possible. Some people prefer to buy Instagram likes as opposed to accumulating them over time. But if you decide to purchase likes, you should ensure that you know the best site to buy Instagram likes. Continue reading to learn why Instagram likes still matter.

Instagram Likes Enable You to Outrank Your Competitors on Social Media

One of the advantages of having more likes on your profile or post is that having more likes boosts your reputation among your competitors. As we already mentioned, more likes equal more engagement as well as involvement between your users and your brand. When your followers like your profile and your posts, it shows they enjoy the content you post. This explains why likes on your post have a positive effect in outperforming your competitors.

Likes Are Important Social Proof

One of the surefire ways to gauge the popularity of a fan page is to look at the number of likes and follows it has. This fact alone doesn’t do much to bring in other follows and likes. However, it would be foolish to overlook this social proof.

If you visited a company’s page on, for instance, Facebook, and realized they have only a few likes, you would wonder why that was so.

The number of Instagram likes a company has speaks volumes about it. For example, if a company has hundreds of thousands of likes, visitors think it is trustworthy, since so many people like it.

On the other hand, if a brand has been active for a few years but it still has only a few likes, anyone can tell right away that there is a problem somewhere. It is therefore important to purchase more likes. This sends the right signal to the public. When you do so, however, ensure you find the best site to buy Instagram likes. One of the best is They sell authentic Instagram likes.

You Can Gain Exposure from Virality

On Instagram, new likes will often show to your users’ friends. They appear as recommendations in their feeds, which leads to your page getting more exposure. This does not immediately translate to more likes, but it can. This is important because new likes have the potential to create more business for you.


Instagram Likes Confirm to Visitors That Your Business Is Successful

When a business has a significantly large of Instagram likes, it will appear as a well-established and successful brand in your customers’ eyes.

But this is a fact that many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t want to believe. These people often refuse to see Instagram likes as a determining factor for ranking. They wrongfully think that their customers believe the same as they do.

But despite what they want to believe, the truth of the matter is that the number of likes a brand has can affect customers’ first impressions.

Instagram Likes Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Your Instagram likes represent more than just the credibility and reputation your business has in the industry. Importantly, they also affect how your website ranks in the search results.

If you have amassed a good number of likes on your Instagram post or profile, it enables your post or profile to be seen on the Discover Page. This goes a long way toward boosting your business sales. What’s more, it also generates more attention from your users.

Likes Are a Simple Positive Signal for the Customer

The chief importance of Instagram likes is that they show your customers that things are working correctly. From the perspective of a social media consultant, this might not be the best indicator. However, from the outside, it’s precisely what the client wants to see. 

What Should You Do About Fan Turnover?

There is a significant fan turnover rate in the realm of social media. This is an important metric that refers to fans unfollowing you and moving on. When these less active fans go on to other pages, you should ensure that you bring on some more active followers to replace them.

New Likes Indicate Future Possibility for Your Business

Businesses that specialize in forging relationships with new fans and followers will celebrate every new like as an achievement. 

Provided you understand how to keep your users engaged and take them through your sales funnel, you will find that every new like is a potential for future business.

You can take advantage of Instagram and other social media sites to build your business. This means you should connect it with other segments of your marketing campaign like your company website, mobile app, and email list, just to mention a few.



The importance of Instagram likes in forming a formidable marketing campaign cannot be overemphasized. Likes may not directly bring in sales, but they play a crucial role in building your brand and your company. Likes are an acknowledgment from users that you are doing something right. More likes also help to boost your search engine ranking and give you maximum exposure.

However, if yours is a small company that’s just getting started, it may be a while before you accumulate a significant number of likes. To jump the queue and avoid waiting for years before you get those likes, consider purchasing real likes from reputable companies. The best site to buy likes from is Here, you will get real, authentic likes that boost your chances of success.