Instagram for Realtors

Instagram for realtors can be a powerful tool on both the national and local levels. Keep reading to learn how to get started and what’s working now! 

One reason Instagram is such a great platform for realtors is because of the photos. People love beautiful photos and looking for their dream home. Also, there is less distraction when compared to Facebook and Pinterest. 

Instagram Tips for Realtors 

Be sure to have real estate agent or realtor in your title. If you are new in the real estate world, most people don’t know you. The title area is the ONLY searchable area in your Instagram profile. 

For the bio portion, ditch the cutesy look and describe who you are and who you help. Maybe your speciality is million dollar homes, or maybe you dominate a certain area in your town or city. 

List if you are strictly a residential focused agent or if you help people find commercial properties too. 

screenshot of hashtags for realtors

What Are Hashtags? 

Hashtags are a string of words or a word behind the pound sign (#). Users often add these in without any research. Which is fine, but if you are using Instagram as a business tool, there is a strategy to it. 

You want to target hashtags that are relevant to your niche and ones that you actually have a shot at ranking in. So if you have a smaller account you do not want to go after hashtags that are in the high hundred thousands + . 

Be mindful of what your audience is searching. Chances are they are not searching for #homes. They may be looking for a certain style of home in a certain location. Both of these will be much less competitive than just using a generic term like homes.

How to Use Hashtags

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, and you should plan on using all of those. Choose a mix between local hashtags and others relevant to the industry. 

You can put these under your caption or in the first comment. Either way, they are being used for the same purpose and there’s not a right or wrong way. 

Do not use more than 30. That violates terms of service and could lead your account to getting shadowbanned. That means that you will not be able to use it and it could hurt your rankings in the future. 

What Is IGTV?

Photos in your newsfeed has to be one minute or less. If you plan on giving homeowner tips or maybe a virtual tour of an open house, you will want to do this on IGTV instead. You can still add this to your profile but it will redirect them. 

What Are Reels? 

Instagram recently released a feature that is similar to Tik Tok called reels. These are 15 or 30-second clips (depending on what they allow on your account) that is relevant to your niche. You can still use hashtags, which we highly recommend. Add some music and even get a little silly for more views. The purpose of using reels is to reach more people and gain more followers. With this being a new feature, Instagram is focusing heavily on these right now. 

Instagram Highlights for Realtors 

In order to save your content to those small circles (aka highlights) under your profile, it first has to be published. As a real estate agent here are some ideas on what you should save. These are great to use as quick references for your followers. Any time you get the same questions asked multiple times you should save it as a highlight bubble. 

  • Sold and pending homes 
  • Client Testimonials 
  • Current Listings 
  • Virtual Tours 
  • Meet the Team 

Using Instagram as a realtor has tons of benefits and can be a great tool to have in your toolbox when used correctly. Wondering what type of content you should be posting? Check out 55 Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

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Learn how to use Instagram for Realtors and Real Estate Agents! Rank in hashtags on the local and national level by using these tips!