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Are you someone who loves gadgets? When you’re not busy running your business, do you like to stay updated on advances in technology and practicality? Do you keep up with all the best apps like the online casino apps? If so, then have a look here at the best gadgets of 2021.


Bang & Olufsen Over-Ear Headphones Don’t Disappoint

The finest leather, noble metal, a stable mechanism, plus modern technology: The Danish sound specialist Bang & Olufsen has put a lot of effort into their H95 headphones. After all, these headphones are supposed to celebrate the company’s 95th anniversary. Not too surprisingly, this gadget comes at a high price, at around $800.

You can tell that nothing has been left to chance when you unpack these headphones, though. The design is understated, especially in the black version, but the light version with its golden temples will have special appeal for luxury seekers.

The H95 connects to players either via a cable or Bluetooth. Additionally, you can pair the headphones with two transmitters at the same time. This means you can take part in a video conference on your computer and still accept a call on your cell phone when it rings.

Sound Quality Is Excellent in This Gadget

Good sound is a must in this price range, and Bang & Olufsen does not disappoint. Whether you’re listening to pop, classical, or jazz, the H95 can handle all types of music.

If you want, you can also command digital assistance by voice. There is a small button on the left shell to activate it. The most beautiful control elements, however, are the corrugated metal rings on each shell. The volume is set on the right, and the gradual electronic noise suppression is set on the left.

The only weak point for this gadget is with its noise-cancelling. Of course, this should not be missing either, given the price tag, and these headphones solve it somewhat less than satisfactorily. Other much cheaper devices from Sony, for example, do better, as they filter out more annoying background noises. The H95 copes quite well with constant noise, however, such as when you’re traveling by air.

The H95 also scores with a powerful battery that lasts up to 38 hours, even with noise suppression. You can also supply the H95 with fresh energy quickly via its modern USB-C socket. You can also remove and purchase the leather upholstery. The battery, on the other hand, is permanently installed. If you have to replace it, you’ll have to send it in for service.

Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones Are Worth the Money

More and more smartphones are coming without a jack socket for connecting wired headphones. This is ostensibly because Bluetooth radio technology now makes completely wireless earphones possible. However, the cheap ones are often an impertinence in terms of sound and workmanship. And the expensive ones, well, are just very expensive.

In this respect, it is worth a try when a well-known manufacturer such as Sennheiser offers wireless earphones that one can buy for $100. Simply put, Sennheiser’s CX400 BT earphones are worth the money.

This many well be due to the fact that they are the little siblings of the Momentum True Wireless 2 from the same company. These gadgets cost $250. The only real difference is that the CX400 lacks active noise suppression. If this is extremely important to you, the little Sennheisers are not suitable. Due to their design as a plug for the ear, however, they are already a good seal against outside noise.

What is going on compared to the big brother is their so-called transparency mode. This means that while you have the buds in your ears, with this setting you can still hear ambient sound. There is no certification that these gadgets are waterproof, either, but the most important thing remains: They sound good.

Choose the Right Cuffs for Optimum Performance with These Gadgets

The bass reaches deep down, provided the earphones are firmly in your ears, and the highs are clear. In order for the listener to enjoy properly, however, it is important to determine which of the three silicone cuffs that come with them will fit best. The plugs should sit securely so they don’t fall out. But you shouldn’t press either. This can quickly turn hearing into an unpleasant experience.

You can operate the CX400 via sensor surfaces. Also, you can set which operating steps you want to trigger, to a limited extent, in a free app. This app contains an equalizer that enables individual sound settings.

The batteries last up to seven hours, depending on the volume and the quality of the Bluetooth connection. Then the charging box provides another thirteen hours of juice for these little gadgets before you’ll finally need a power outlet.

Overall, these earphones provide great quality for the price, and no one beats the CX400 in terms of sound.

Networked Picture Frame from Nixplay

This device for displaying pictures and short videos comes with a screen the size of a small laptop (thirteen inches). All you need to do is just set this gadget up and connect it to the internet via WiFi. After that, it works easier than a television, and you feed it content via the network by way of an app.

It’s not exactly cheap at $200. However, you can also link it to the Spotify music streaming service and thereby play music along with whatever slide show you happen to choose. The built-in loudspeakers include bass amplification and therefore deliver a surprisingly powerful sound. Laptops can’t keep up with that.

Setup Is Not Exactly a Piece of Cake But This Gadget Satisfies Nonetheless

Setting up is a bit fiddly with this gadget because you have to make all the inputs using the small remote control that comes with it. During the test we ran, the picture frame initially refused to cooperate with the WiFi router. Then it had to pick up a series of software updates and needed several annoying restarts before it would finally start.


This networked picture frame does not have a touch-sensitive screen. The advantage of this is that there are also far fewer ugly fingerprints on the reflective screen. The latter shines brightly and shows the images crisply. Even with videos as short as, say, fifteen seconds, it plays smoothly and with good sound.

Perhaps the nicest feature of the Nixplay Seed Wave is its motion sensor. It recognizes when someone walks by and then switches the picture on. This saves electricity, and you don’t have to switch the device on or off every time you want to look at pictures.

Finally, the picture frame fulfills a niche task, but it does so quite well. Most of the things it does can be done just as well with a tablet or laptop, but its remote viewing feature and its extremely easy use make it a winner.