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How to Keep Employees Connected in the Workplace

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Keeping workers connected in the workplace improves communication, clarity, and culture. It makes workers happier and more productive and benefits the company immensely. To keep your employees connected, check out these key ideas.

Keep Company Values at the Forefront

Find innovative ways to help workers understand, remember, and practice your company’s values. Make a connection between these values to performance, behavior, and camaraderie.

For example, the company Pure devised an internal communications strategy that is based on its core values. Managers detail a vital part of this strategy during training and orientation as a part of the hiring process. Therefore, each new worker understands its values. This effort creates awareness of the company’s culture and encourages every new employee to align with company values.

Make Celebration Easy to Keep Workers Connected

It is critical to develop a habit of recognizing and celebrating excellent work from your employees. Give everyone in the company the freedom to celebrate in a way they like, and encourage them to do so often.

Some companies have had great success uniting their workforce with a peer-to-peer reward system and friendly competitions inside the company. Generally, these practices prioritize top customer service and product knowledge.

Ensure Information Flows Easily

Create pathways for information to move throughout the company so that everyone has access to it. For example, institute an innovative and seamless intranet CMS system. Such platforms enable social sharing, feedback, and discussion. Additionally, they embrace all levels of the organization. They also ensure that company information is accessible at home, work, and on mobile devices anywhere.


One company uses a multi-media style with their internal communications strategy. They circulate a critical facts news story each Monday morning, an employee spotlight on video every week, and a monthly historical pictorial event. These presentations keep their workforce connected throughout the company.

Think of Your Company as a Community

In a community, all members are respected and supported, if not necessarily loved or even liked. It’s also a space where people share goals and everyone is working toward the same ends. If you think of your company in this fashion, it is easier to be supportive and keep workers connected.

For instance, the company Omicron has made outstanding progress with transforming their firm into a thriving community. To this end, they have an entertainment and engagement committee that schedules regular social activities, meet and greets, and charity drives. They also have a yearly awards program to celebrate individual and team efforts in their work community.

Make Mission-Critical Information Readily Available

Document the vital information each employee needs to do their job. Then make it accessible to employees throughout the company. This focus on accessibility and clarity helps all employees stay in touch with each other and helps them to focus on the mission.


One healthcare company that provides more than one million patient visits per year constructed an extensive library to centralize healthcare documents. Then, they made it easy for workers to search these documents. Employees can therefore do their work with confidence, and they deliver high quality service to patients as a result.

Hire Passionate Leaders Who Keep Workers Connected

The people you hire as managers in your company should be your most essential connectors. Find or coach job candidates who care about your employees and your organization. Help them grasp how important it is to help teams align and make connections within the company.


The company Morgan McKinley, for example, has successfully united its workforce of more than 800 by hiring a COO for each of their regions around the globe. Each leader has his or her own style and flair. Some lead with video, while others stay visible by participating regularly in social gatherings with employees. All of them make personal connections with their teams.

Follow These Suggestions and Keep Workers Connected

If you follow these guidelines, your employees will be better connected with each other, and productivity and worker happiness are sure to rise.