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Advertising opportunities are everywhere, but which ones are worth your time and effort? Technically, any advertising opportunity that reaches your target market is worth pursuing. However, when you have multiple options it’s best to start with the avenue that will make the biggest impact.

For most businesses, advertising on the internet is the most obvious choice. You can reach just about any target market through PPC advertising through Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Even PPC ads embedded in mobile apps are largely successful. 

While PPC ads are the first and most obvious place to advertise, there are several additional advertising opportunities you may want to consider.

Are You Taking Advantage of These 3 Hidden Advertising Opportunities?

1. Podcast Advertising

Podcasting is the new radio. People listen to podcasts perhaps even more than they listen to the radio. Since podcasts tend to focus on a niche, the ads also tend to be related to that niche. That means podcast advertisers reach a more targeted audience than they’d reach using radio ads.

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts that regularly produce millions of episodes. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find at least one podcast with an audience matching your market. 

Benefits of Podcast Advertising

Podcast audiences are different from radio audiences. People tune into the radio when they don’t have anything better to do, or when they want some background noise in the car or at home. 

On the other hand, a podcast audience will often plan ahead to listen to live shows. When they miss a live show they’ll carve out time to listen to the replay without any distractions. When a podcast audience intentionally carves out time to listen to a show, they’re going to pay more attention to the content, including the ads. This is a perfect advertising opportunity to take advantage of.

For an ad to be successful, you need to grab your audience’s attention. An engaging podcast will already have your audience’s attention. When the ad segment comes on, the audience will already be in listening mode. This makes podcasting advertising one of the best ways to advertise your business.


2. Grocery Store Shopping Carts

Most chain grocery stores affix a plastic frame to the inside of each shopping cart designed to hold a print ad. Most businesses that take advantage of the advertising opportunity on shopping carts are local businesses like mail centers, handyman services, and flower shops. 

Usually, local businesses choose this type of advertising because they don’t know where else to advertise. You don’t have to be a local brick-and-mortar business to advertise on grocery carts.

Benefits of Shopping Cart Advertising

The biggest benefit of shopping cart advertising opportunities is repetitive influence. Most of these ads won’t generate immediate sales, and people may not even be able to recall the message from your ad. Although some people say an inability to recall messages makes shopping cart ads useless, research proves messages that cannot be recalled still influence our decisions. 

The key is to have a professionally designed ad that works on a subconscious level, elicits an emotional response, and influences people over time through repetition. While all of these elements are important, eliciting an emotion is the most important.

For example, a simple video ad of a gorilla drumming to a Phil Collins song increased Cadbury milk sales by 9% and increased brand favorability by 20%. How is that possible?

The advertisement used music to elicit an emotional response from viewers. When people experience a positive emotional reaction, everything associated with that reaction gets remembered positively and gets stored in the subconscious mind.


3. Create a Partnership

Creating a partnership is one of the best ways to advertise your business and support another business at the same time. 

The best partnerships are formed between two businesses with products or services that complement one another. That way, cross-promotion won’t look out of place.

Maybe you just want to cross-promote through each others’ email lists, or you may want to combine your efforts and form a new company together. The possibilities of a partnership are only limited by the ideas you can conceive.

Advertising Principles Remain the Same Across Any Channel

You may find some advertising opportunities easier than others. For example, it might be easier to elicit an emotional response from your audience via video. However, when you hire the right marketing agency to design your ads, you can generate the same emotional response from print.

When you decide to explore new advertising channels, remember that basic marketing principles always apply. You’ll need to tailor your ads for your chosen ad formats, but marketing is marketing.