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Although the majority of marketing is done online with social media, it is still important to establish physical branding wherever possible. Custom printed products are essential for businesses that attend public trade shows and local events, as well as for retail stores setting up new product displays. Using such custom marketing tools as custom pop up tents, flags, and banners still generate interest in the business being promoted. Here are some reasons why creating a custom physical display is just as vital as an online presence.


Dress Up Trade Show Booths and Retail Displays

When at a trade show or are trying to promote a new product in a store, it is key to create a professional yet attractive advertising space. Using custom printed displays is a perfect way of presenting products and information in a unique, eye-catching way. Just placing a product on a plain table or stand is not always enough to generate interest. It does not promote the product in a memorable way. 

Custom printing on such displays as banners, backdrops, and flags offers the opportunity to showcase what is special about the business or product. They can show websites that customers can use and other intriguing features. It is also important to add a company logo to the personalized booths and displays. This easily ties the whole exhibit together and spreads brand awareness.

Grab the Attention of Potential Customers

When greeting customers in person, it is essential to get their attention. Customers walking past a store or trade booth may not be familiar with the online campaign the business is running. So, they need to be notified about the business in another way. Printing the company logo, slogan, and products on physical displays allows customers to know what services or merchandise are offered without having to ask. 

This is especially beneficial at trade shows and down busy streets where businesses must compete with others and stand out in a crowd. Using colorful, eye-popping graphics is a simple way of generating interest at a trade show booth or store. Also, it intrigues customers into finding out what the business has to offer.


Inexpensive and Reusable

One of the great benefits to using custom displays is that they are economical. Many vendors reuse their event tents, tablecloths, banner stands, and other printed products at various events. Trade show displays will endure long-term use. However, they are also designed to be convenient for the vendor. 

Banners, tents, and flags are all lightweight and break down to a compact size that is perfect for travel and storage. Many companies that specialize in marketing displays sell them at low prices so that large and small businesses can afford them. This means that companies only need to buy new display equipment every few years, saving them money.

Versatile to Suit Different Events

Marketing displays are for all kinds of events and locations. Trade show vendors often use them for different exhibitions. Retail stores usually set them up inside and outside their shop. Even business services establishments place them in their lobby. Any event that includes vendors or place that needs advertising can use custom displays. Many physical advertising stands withstand both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. However, it is important to review any wind ratings and disclaimers the products may have. 

Custom displays come in several popular sizes to accommodate different amounts of space. Even if companies can only advertise in a small space, they can find a product that works for their needs. When businesses create graphics to use at a range of events, such as trade shows and street fairs, they create graphics that are just as versatile as the hardware. Custom prints used at different events should not include dates or the name of the occasion. Companies save more money by keeping their graphics simple with their business name, phone number, website, and logo.

Customizable to Increase Branding

Finally, advertising displays are great for companies because they are customizable in every way. Most printing companies offer all kinds of printing techniques, such as vibrant, all-over printing or only printing on a certain section of the product. This is helpful in creating either an attention-grabbing display that will draw in customers or a simple, professional looking brand. 

Printing a company logo or slogan on a display increases brand awareness. Thus, people who may not even visit an exhibit at a trade show or fair can be familiar with the business being advertised and remember it later. Customers might see the branding and look up the business online at another time. This means both physical and online advertising are benefiting from custom displays.


Final Thoughts

Creating an online presence through email campaigns and social media posts are increasingly becoming a key factor in company branding. However, it is still equally important to set up physical branding for whenever customers see a business in person. Companies with unique branding are more likely to be remembered and bring more customers to their website, exhibit, or store.