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6 Signs of an Excellent Full-Service General Contractor

Featured image by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels

Instead of hiring multiple contractors for their projects, many businesses hire a full-service team. Unlike multiple contractors from different companies, a full-service team offers a complete suite of services, from project conception to completion. Here are some advantages of hiring an excellent full service general contractor for your project.

  • Convenience: You don’t have to shop around for multiple contractors.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Your financial costs are usually lower. This is because a full-service general contractor plans everything efficiently from the ground up. Likewise, it’s more cost-effective to deal with one contractor rather than several. What’s more, full-service contractors are usually more well-connected. This may help you save on purchasing.
  • Efficiency: A full-service contractor is better organized because they command their own dedicated labor force. Therefore, they can complete work faster.


Let’s look at some signs of a top full-service general contractor:

1. An Exemplary General Contractor Will Be Insured and Licensed

It’s critical to hire an insured and licensed contractor to complete the job. Naturally, you don’t want your project to be disrupted in the event of mishaps or city inspections.

2. They’re Experienced

With multiple variables at play, it takes experience to be a top full-service general contractor. Therefore, when shopping for the right team of professionals for your company’s project, find a company that’s been operational for least a decade. Moreover, check to see that they serve some of the following types of businesses and organizations:

  • Restaurants
  • Photo studios
  • Churches
  • Real estate companies
  • Opticians
  • Dental offices
  • Medical facilities

3. An Excellent General Contractor Serves Renowned Clients

An obvious sign of an excellent full-service contractor is that they boast testimonials from businesses you recognize. For example, do they serve renowned clients like Jollibee, Chick-Fil-A, Basil Box, Paramount Fine Foods, and more?

4. Their Services Are Comprehensive

While many contractors claim to be full-service, not every team truly is. On the other hand, the right full-service contractors should provide the following services:

  • Pre-construction services to help clients understand planning, costing, risk management, scope, and scheduling.
  • Complete services, from framing, drywall, taping, painting, tile, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, to flooring. Having all of these services on their team will allow the contractor flexibility to complete projects on time and with attention to detail.
  • Professional project management to ensure the team follows a unified vision.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the general contractor’s team completes your project with perfect craftsmanship.
  • Integrated design skills to offer clients various design options that suit the needs of their brand, vision, and creativity.
  • Modular construction services that allow the contractors to complete components off-site. This will provide for greater product quality at lower prices.

5. They Think Outside the Box

Construction isn’t always a straightforward endeavor. Sometimes, projects hit roadblocks and require creative thinking. However, a good full-service general contractor team should be able to handle any curve ball with flexible and intelligent solutions.

6. They Offer Great Customer Service

Your full-service general contractor team should treat you like a partner. They must take time to understand your project and educate you when necessary. They should also provide a realistic quote based on your requirements. Finally, they should offer excellent customer service from the beginning of the project to the end and beyond.

When looking for a full-service general contractor, find an experienced, licensed, and professional team that’s highly recommended. Make sure their other clients say they offer the best customer service and take pride in their work.