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Building Your Brand Presence with Social Media Marketing

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

You’ve probably heard of the term brand awareness. This means your customers would say in a survey that yes, they’ve heard of your company or your product. Brand presence is the next step. This means customers can identify your brand in a store or they know something about your company.

In other words, a brand presence means you’ve created a cohesive identity for your brand and successfully communicated it to your customers. This was traditionally done with commercials and sponsorships, but today there are other ways to go about it, too. Here’s how to build your brand presence with social media marketing.

Build Brand Presence by Using Branded Keywords

Keywords are the words that you intentionally place in your content at a greater density than others, so that the content correlates to said “key” word. Note that keywords can be whole phrases, such as a long business name or product name.

In order to build brand presence, you must use branded keywords. Branded keywords include your company name and your products’ names. Use these keywords throughout your content. Furthermore, use them as well in your social media profiles, so that your business’s social media profiles show up in branded searches along with your corporate home page. This allows you to dominate the first page of search results. This is the page customers see when they search for your product or your company by name. Social media has created a wonderful platform to run business online. But social media like Twitter requires you to engage with more people to make profit out of your business. However, getting a huge amount of likes and views is not so easy so users may find the best sites to buy Twitter likes to grow faster. 

You can take things one step further by including your branded key words periodically in your posts. For example, you can post about hiring events and use keywords like “hiring,” “jobs,” and “company name.” This increases brand awareness in general, and it will also promote the hiring event among your most dedicated followers. This is a plus since they’re exactly the type of people you want to hire.

In order to boost your brand presence, you may need to hire a social media marketing expert. This is a person who can determine what keywords are most associated with your brand. They can also help you choose keywords you can dominate. You may also need a social media marketing campaign to claim your brand and control the conversation about it. This is true whether your rivals have hijacked your brand and loaded your social media feed with complaints, or you’re just lost in the crowd.

Have a Consistent Brand Presence

Consistency is key to creating trust. It takes a variety of forms, but it should include using the same keywords, tone, color palette, and logos everywhere. Use the same hash tags, too, at least most of the time. One exception might be that you could be using hash tags associated with one particular product line out of your entire family of products.

That consistency should apply to TV commercials, online viral videos, business cards, the company home page, and brand websites. For the sake of brand presence, it should also be reflected in retail marketing service and online chats with customer service reps.

Talk About Your Values

Your brand should have an identity almost as if it were a person. You can communicate your brand presence to your audience either by using human spokespeople or by humanizing your brand. For example, you could have employees talk about what it is like to work for the company in your recruiting videos.


Additionally, you can have customers talk about what they love about your products and the company. Use more than hash tags to promote your fundraisers and your employees who are volunteering for causes. Share these stories on social media. Talk about how this reflects your values, whether they are family-friendliness, empowerment of a specific community, reflecting a given region or cultural tradition, or providing affordable but high-quality goods.

Encourage Positive User-Generated Content

While you still need to put out branded marketing content to continue building brand presence, customers trust user-generated content such as testimonials, unboxing videos, and online reviews more than they do branded marketing content.

Therefore, set up systems to bring in that user-generated content. For example, ask people to post online reviews of your products or your business. Some ecommerce companies even route questions users ask to other customers. This reduces the workload for your customer support staff. Moreover, customers may consider answers from other customers to be more trustworthy than what your staff might say. However, you don’t want to risk putting excessive demands on your customers, and you still need to monitor what they write.


Thank people for leaving positive reviews and share them via social media. Further, don’t just delete negative reviews. Respond to them and try to resolve the problem. You’ll certainly benefit the public if you post online about how to reach customer service or get warranty work done. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility that your rivals have arranged for dozens of fake one-star reviews to be posted online. So for the sake of your brand presence, monitor your online reputation and respond appropriately.