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Mobile video ads are an integral part of almost any mobile experience, from browsing through the Internet to watching videos on YouTube. It is difficult to find a person who actually enjoys adverts that often interrupt one’s experience on a site or program. It also makes these ads considerably less effective. However, rewarded video advertisements are taking the digital advertising industry by storm. Rewarded video ads are not only accepted by the viewers but also increase customer satisfaction.

A study shows that more than 60% of mobile players actually watch the rewarded video ads deliberately to receive various perks in exchange. In addition, more than 70% of mobile users prefer this kind of advertisement over regular video ads. This and many other benefits explain why it is efficient to incorporate rewarded video ads in your business’s advertising campaign.


What Is a Rewarded Video Ad?

Rewarded video adverts, unlike regular ads, offer a specific reward for the viewer in exchange for watching through a full ad or a required portion of it. This type of advertisement is extremely popular in mobile gaming. In mobile gaming, the users gain rewards from certain in-game currencies or items for watching the ads.

The rewards include coins, lives, energy, weapons, armor, furniture, and anything else used in a game. Usually, in order to gain the prizes, the user must watch the full 30-second advertisement. However, the ad length can vary from 15 to 30 seconds. It is worth mentioning that players can usually skip the ad if they do not want to watch it. But, they will not receive anything in return in that case.

In general, such an advertisement format is well reacted to by users as receiving the rewards can improve their gaming experience drastically. The ads are not annoying obstacles anymore as both advertisers and players receive something from watching them.

Basically, everyone in the video ads network receives certain benefits as advert publishers obtain revenue. Businesses gain even more exposure and consumers can grab in-game stuff for free. About 90% of mobile game providers who incorporate rewarded video ads in their programs receive increased revenue. These ads are also quite popular among retail businesses. This is because they offer special discounts and bonuses for users that watch ads in their digital market applications.

What Type of Businesses Use Them?

A variety of different companies use them to encourage their users to purchase a paid subscription. For example, various music streaming companies offer their services for free with the condition of having to listen to ads after a set amount of time or number of songs. It is up to users to choose free music content with ads or a paid subscription that eliminates adverts and offers some other benefits.


The Advantages of Rewarded Video Ads

Having rewarded video ads in a certain app offers a variety of benefits for both parties. Here are some of the most prominent advantages that come with rewarded video advertisements:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Thanks to rewarded video ads built in the games or other applications, users can either download and enjoy these apps for free or spend less money on purchasing in-game currency as it can be easily obtained through watching the ads.
  • Improved audience targeting. As this type of ad is not obligatory but chosen by users, it becomes easier to find the target audience for each ad thanks to the data gathered each time a player clicks on the ad.
  • Increased revenue. Any video advertisement brings more profits only if users watch it to the end. With rewarded video adverts, watching the ad in full is one of the main conditions. This is why advertisers receive profits from these ads.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Rewarded video ads are considerably less intrusive than regular adverts. Viewers can view them when they wish. Moreover, they provide certain perks in return. While normal ads often cannot be skipped and do not offer anything in exchange.

Final Thoughts

Overall, incorporating rewarded video ads in your advertising campaign is a great move for increasing engagement. It also helps build better relationships with your business’s customers. Such mutually beneficial collaboration has a positive effect on business almost immediately and improves in the long run.