Marine Corps

How the Marine Corps Helps Build Entrepreneurial Skills

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The United States Marine Corps is known as the world’s most highly skilled military forces. For nearly 300 years, the US Marine Corps has excelled in infantry combat, physical abilities, and naval tactics. One of the many reasons the Marines Corps have gained this reputation is their expectation of excellence from their recruits. Furthermore, this expectation and the many life lessons taught by the Marine Corps stay with veterans long after their military service has ended. These lessons are directly transferable to skills valued in the workplace. 

Malik Mullino

Malik Mullino is a Marine Corps veteran and CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC. He credits his professional success largely to his time in the Marines. Below, Malik Mullinowill discuss various skills taught by the Marine Corps and how these skills apply directly to entrepreneurship. 



One of the most important lessons the Marine Corps teaches its recruits is adaptability. Some obstacles and challenges in life are inevitable and are unavoidable. When these events inevitably take place, Marines understand that this is not an excuse to quit. They believe it’s an opportunity to create another path forward by focusing on solutions. This lesson’s value cannot be understated in business. It has also helped Malik Mullino throughout his role as CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC.

How to Be a Part of a Team 

Allegiance to your group is heavily featured in the vows taken by the different military branches during initiations. Allegiance to your country and fellow servicemen and women is paramount in building trust between the Marine Corps. Also, this trust between servicemen and women is vital in combat situations. It is often the difference between a successful or failed mission. Civilian life does not possess the same high stake situations. However, these lessons play a significant role in business and in building relationships between team members. 

The Importance of Preparation 

If you have not prepared, you are not ready. One of the first lessons taught to new Marine Corps recruits throughout Marine basic training is the importance of preparation. Whether you know an event is going to occur or not, you must prepare for every eventuality. This lesson translates to business by emphasizing how a person’s success relies solely on their responsibility level. By remaining vigilant to several possible scenarios, entrepreneurs are less likely to miss out on opportunities. They will also face fewer obstacles while growing their business.